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Bring the Magic of Christmas Home with Hallmark Gold Crown {#Hallmark #sp}

 It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I just love Christmas! The twinkling lights, the excitement in the air... it truly is such a magical time! Especially for children! While I have always been a little Christmas crazy, there truly is nothing greater than seeing the holiday through the eyes of a child. They don't see some of the unfortunate stresses that we as adults associate with the holidays- the crowded stores, the finances, the busy-ness of it all. They see only the magic! I for one want my kids to hold onto that magic for as long as possible, and so I strive to do whatever I can to bring in the magic and make Christmas that much more special!

When it comes to Christmas magic, no one does it better than Hallmark! With their inspirational holiday films, stunning decor and of course...the TOYS, they have everything you need to make a truly wonderful Christmas that your children will remember forever!

Today, I'm sharing my top three ways that Hallmark can help bring the magic of Christmas into your own celebrations!

The Magic of the Northpole

Northpole was another one of those great Christmas films from Hallmark, which came out last year! But it wasn't JUST a great movie- it's a great line of fun toys too! These toys TRULY bring the magic of the Northpole into your home unlike any other. They have a Northpole Communicator that not only lets them count down the days until Christmas, but lets them speak to the North Pole directly! So fun! My kids cannot wait until December 1 to speak with the elves. (They also have a new cartridges each year, so the conversation can change for those kids with excellent memories!) I love that this is such an interactive toy- like many toys and books from Hallmark! We also love the Find Me Santa Snowflake so that no matter where our holiday travels take us, Santa can see its flashing lights and know just where we will be!

Of course, there are many other ways to bring the North Pole magic home- a little magic dust (glitter) left by the fireplace or door after Santa's visit, cookie crumbs or carrot pieces left behind by Santa and his reindeer or even a handwritten note from the big man himself! The possibilities are limitless!

The Magic of The Elf

By now, I'm sure we've all heard of The Elf on the Shelf, right? This is another great way to bring the magic in, but a whole tradition all on its own! I'll admit, we don't actually participate in the Elf festivities and prefer to focus our Christmas elsewhere, but it's a fun idea! And even if you choose not to go all out, we happen to love the simple plush elves and the adorable movie of the same title! So fun!

The Magic of Favorites

Perhaps the greatest way to bring the magic of Christmas home is to incorporate all of their favorite characters into your festivities! Hallmark has many ways to do this!

First and foremost, they are the go to place for stunning keepsake ornaments! If it's popular television or movies, chances are they have an ornament for it! Make it a tradition to collect one new Hallmark ornament each year. This is especially fun with children as you see their interests change and grow!

You can also bake with Minnie Mouse, decorate with Star Wars or show off ALL your favorites with holiday display of itty bittys!

But to me, there is no character that says Christmas quite like Charlie Brown and Snoopy! It's just NOT Christmas unless we've watched A Charlie Brown Christmas at least once or twice! For my family, I love that Peanuts are not just cute characters (they are) and it's not just a cute movie (it is), but it truly expresses everything that I hope to teach my children about the true meaning of Christmas! It offers a great lesson that its not about what you get or finding the perfect tree, but about the gift of Christ.

By incorporating fun Hallmark products like a singing/dancing Snoopy or even a Peanuts nativity, its serving as a fun reminder about the lessons we learned from the movie too!

Watch this video to see more about one of my personal favorite Hallmark Peanuts products:

As you can see, Hallmark Gold Crown stores truly have everything you need to give your kids the most magical Christmas of all! Visit the links below to find it all:

For A Magical, Delicious Artisan Christmas Click Here.

To Find ALL the Christmas Magic Above...and SO Much More Click Here.

Did you visit the links above? What Hallmark products are your favorites? How can they help make your Christmas even more magical!?


  1. i love all their ornaments, its hard to choose just one or two items when i go in there! and their gift wrap is a nice quality, much thicker than the cheap stuff

  2. Yes!! We love Hallmark for all things Christmas!! Its so fun to just go there and browse and see them all!! My son has the light up snowflake ornament that came with the book and he loves it so so much!!

  3. I love Hallmark! Unfortunately, they closed all the stores within a reasonable distance to me. They have wonderful cards and ornaments.

  4. Hallmark has some of the most beautiful gifts to give. I love their decorations. I always shop Hallmark during Christmas.

  5. great video- you are a natural in front of the camera! love your photos too! great job

  6. Hallmark has the cutest ornaments! You did a great job on your first video. :)

  7. Oh my goodness, it's not Christmas unless we've watched A Charlie Brown Christmas either. My husband was Charlie Brown for halloween, and our 7 month old was Snoopy :) I will have to get to Hallmark and pick these up! Thanks for the video review!!

  8. I love the Peanuts gang. I grew up with them and it is not Christmas without them.

  9. I love the Peanuts Ornaments. They are treasures.


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