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The Ultimate Bathroom Experience with Quilted Northern & a DIY Bath Salt #CraftedExperience #Ad #Cbias

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Today we're talking bathrooms.

I know, I know... who wants to talk about bathrooms, right? Kitchens? Sure! Living rooms? Great. But bathrooms? No, thank you! Let's be honest, it's not the most fun room in the house. I don't know about you, but when it comes to DIY and decorating projects, the bathroom tends to be the last room on my list. But... it's also one of the most used! So isn't it about time we started giving our bathrooms a little more attention and start creating the ultimate bathroom experience?

Today, I'm sharing a fun DIY that will do just! We're making Easy DIY Bath Salts! Check it out:

DIY Essential Oil Bath Salts

  • 1 Cup Epsom Salt
  • 1 Cup Sea Salt
  • Essential Oils of Choice
  • Jar for Storage

  1. First up, blend your salts together.
  2. Next, choose your essential oils. Think about what type of bathroom experience you want to inspire. For relaxation, consider calming oils like lavender, sandalwood or clary sage. Want something a little more invigorating? Orange can be a great option that will wake you up and helps with anxiety. Colds got you down? Try a little eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon. Or try a fun holiday scent with peppermint!! Create your own unique blends, or use a premade blend from your favorite essential oil company.

  3. Now that you've decided on your oils, slowly mix them in with the salt, making sure to blend well so that all salt comes in contact with them.

  4. Store in a jar or other closed container for use.
  5. Add a few tablespoons of your salts to a warm bath and allow to dissolve.
  6. Relax and enjoy!

These bath salts are not just super easy, but they make bath time super relaxing too!

But we all know that baths are not the ONLY thing we do in our bathrooms! And nothing can make a bathroom experience go downhill than the wrong toilet paper! In fact, when it comes to *ahem* that type of bathroom experience, perhaps the best ones are the ones that we don't remember!

While we were shopping for our bath salt ingredients at our local Walmart, we made stop in the toilet paper aisle to find a product that would do the job so well, we would not remember it, for all the right reasons. We found that in Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Bath Tissue!

The way I see it, there are two TP mishaps that can make your bathroom experience a memorable one...for all the wrong reason. Your toilet paper can be too rough, causing discomfort in the most uncomfortable of places. Or your toilet paper can be too weak...and fail to get the job done! No one wants that! Thankfully, Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong offers both softness AND strength. With it's Cleanstretch® design, it has a unique construction that helps limit ripping and separation while still flexible and soft. It's wonderfully crafted for maximum comfort and durability (and it's swer and septic safe too!). With it's 100 year history, it's truly no wonder that Quilted Northern® is the go to for forgettable bathroom experiences!

With Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Bath Tissue and these fantastic bath salts, you cannot help but have an amazing bathroom experience! What are you waiting for? Give your bathroom the attention it deserves!


  1. Thanks for the fantastic DIY tip! Some lavender salts might make our nights go a little smoother with the little ones!

  2. I love bath salts, thanks for the tips.

  3. Wow super easy!! This would make such a great Christmas present!!! :)

  4. Such a great idea for your own bathroom or for a gift!! I love it! #client

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