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5 Simple Ways to Thank a Veteran {+ Great Clips Veterans Day FREE Haircut Promotion} #sp

As a military wife, I have seen firsthand the sacrifices that the men and women of the military have to make. There are frequent moves, time away from family, long hours, less than ideal sleeping conditions and missing of milestones... to name a few. But they do so willingly so that we can all have those freedoms that we so enjoy. And most of them do it without complaining too!

With Veterans Day quickly approaching, there is no better time to tell a service member thank you for all that they do. But beyond a simple thank you, how else can you show your appreciation? Today, I'm sharing 5 simple ways...

5 Simple Ways To Thank a Veteran

Send a Care Package

Perhaps the most common way we think of to thank a vet is to send a care package to those deployed! When it comes to care packages, I always try to send a mix of practical and fun. Practical things like socks (lots of socks), toothpaste, deodorant and snacks are a great place to start, but don't stop there. If you're sending a package to someone particular that you know, think about their interests and go from them- comic books, favorite characters, etc. One unexpected item that turned out to be a huge hit during my husband's 4th deployment was coloring books! (Before grown up coloring books were a thing!). Get creative and have fun with it! (I will be sharing more fun care package ideas very soon! Stay tuned!)

Bake Something

Who doesn't appreciate a delicious sweet treat? Now, you can send these in a care package of course (be certain to wrap and package VERY well), but generally speaking, you actually don't have to go that far! Instead, consider dropping them by your local recruiter's office! As a recruiter's wife, I can tell you that these are some of the hardest working men and women in the service, and they deserve an extra special treat! Not a baker? Something from the local bakery says thank you just as well!

Volunteer Your Time

Now, I know that this isn't an option that we can all do, but if you can, it's certainly something to consider! Volunteer with your local military organizations, visit wounded warriors in the hospital, or use any talents you might have to help in any way needed- mow the lawn or rake the leaves for the new mom whose husband is deployed, etc. 

Get the Kids Involved

When my husband returned home from his third deployment, I wanted to have a huge welcome home celebration for him-involving the whole family and friends too. Unfortunately, flying them all out to California to greet him just wasn't an option...so instead I asked everyone I knew to make him a small welcome home sign that I would line the walls with. We ended up with some pretty great little posters, but perhaps my personal favorites were those from the children! So, get your little ones involved with the appreciation. Have them write letters or draw pictures to send to a veteran! (I'll soon be sharing a super fun and easy kids' craft perfect for Veteran's Day as well. Stay tuned!)

Give Them a Free Haircut

Most of you probably are pretty familiar with the military haircut. Super short, super clean cut. Did you know to keep that look most military men have to have their hair cut each and every week! They may look super handsome, but it can certainly make a dent on the bank account! A haircut to say thank you for your service just makes sense!

And with Great Clips' Veterans Day promotion, it couldn't be easier to make that happen! It's as easy as getting a haircut yourself!

For the third year, Great Clips is giving you the chance to gift a free haircut when you get a haircut yourself! Visit any Great Clips on November 11 for a haircut and you'll receive a FREE HAIRCUT CARD to give to a veteran of your choice! (Card is for use by veterans and active duty military members only. Family members do not qualify.) Every active or retired military member that goes in on November 11 will get a free haircut (or haircut card) as well! Great Clips is the only major salon brand that offers customers such a way to thank a veteran and I for one think its pretty genius! You can learn more about this amazing promotion here.

(Free haircut cards are while supplies last and are valid until December 31st.)

Thank the veterans in your life and visit your local Great Clips on November 11th to redeem a free haircut card to share with a veteran of choice! Visit this link to find a location near you!

Will you be visiting Great Clips on November 11? Who will you be gifting the free haircut to? What others ways do you thank the veterans in your life?


  1. This is a really great promotion, thanks for informing me about it.

  2. These are amazing ideas!! We should really all be so thankful for the sacrifice our veterans and their families are making for us!! Big Kudos to Great Clips for making it so easy!!


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