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Making A Special Birthday {...When You Have Close Birthday Siblings!}

In our family, August is the month of birthdays! Both of my children and myself celebrate our birthday this month! Because our children have birthdays so close- and because our families live so far- we have thrown them joint birthday parties rather than individual. The kids love this and our families love that they don't have to miss one party or make two trips so soon--- not to mention the money we save on party supplies! But we still want to be sure that each child gets their very own special day too!

Are you in the same boat? Do you have kids with birthdays just days or week apart? Or perhaps you are just looking for fun ways to celebrate your child on their birthday anyway...this post is for you! Today, I'm sharing budget friendly tips for making you child's special day the best!

  • Birthday Pancakes! A birthday cake for breakfast may not be healthy or the best way to start the day... but birthday pancakes are! Dress them up with food coloring and/or sprinkles, whipped cream or their favorite toppings and pop a candle on top! What a way to start their big day!
  • Wake Up & Celebrate! Speaking of a great way to start the day, make it a party when they first wake up! Hang streamers from their door, fill their floor with balloons as they sleep... they'll love waking up to a celebration of them! 
  • A Special Lunch Surprise! If your little one is in school during their birthday, check your child's school's policy about parents coming for lunch. My son loved having his sister and I surprise him on his big day!
  • Balloons! What kid doesn't love balloons!? Again, check your child's school policy and have balloons delivered if possible, or have them waiting for them when they come home! (Hint: On a budget? You can get filled helium balloons at The Dollar Tree!)
  • Leave a Hidden Note. Again, if your child is at school for the day, leave them in a note hidden in their backpack, folder or pocket wishing them a very special birthday!
  • Let Them Choose...Everything! If budget allows, let them choose their favorite restaurant for dinner. If the budget's not there, let them choose what type of meal they want at home. My son loves being in control and having full say over the menu for the night. This year, he chose hamburgers and requested a homemade apple birthday pie in place of cake! In the car, let them choose the radio station! At home, choose a movie for the night! 
  • Get Individual Gifts. Now, my kids are 6 years apart anyway, so joint gifts are few and far between. If your children are closer in age, you might find that one large joint gift may seem like a better option...and there's nothing wrong with that... just make sure they have individua gifts just for them to open too!
Right now, my kids loving having their birthday near to one another, but in the future if that changes, I hope that by making each actual birthday 100% THEIRS, they will know that we love them each and want to celebrate their individual days!

Do you have kids with close birthdays? How do you make sure to make their days special?


  1. I am going to implement the special breakfast idea! Usually, we do a special dinner but this would start the day off with fun.

  2. We let my son pick EVERYTHING on his birthday and we have so much fun!! I love your breakfast idea!! And decorating their room while they sleep!! So fun! Happy Birthday to you all!!

  3. I love to leave notes in their bags for them to find during the day. I try to do that a few times per week.


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