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Gluten Free on a Budget

What do you think when you hear gluten free? 

Healthy? A fad diet? Complicated? Expensive?

Whether you believe there are benefits in a gluten free diet or you think its just silly, chances are you hear those terms and automatically see dollar signs. Yes, we all know that eating gluten free can make your grocery bill soar! Over the last year with my daughter being gluten free, we have found many ways to help from overspending. Today I'm sharing a few of those tips:

  • Ask For Coupons. Coupons for gluten free products may not be a common find in your weekly paper, but did you know that many companies (GF and non alike) will send you coupons if you send an email and simply ask? Try writing to some of your favorites, and leaving your address in the email for easy sending. You can also sometimes find printable coupons right there on their websites too!
  • Keep It Simple. We often think that eating gluten free is going to be super complicated, but in reality, it doesn't have to be. There are many foods that we can eat that are naturally gluten free. Meats with a simple seasoning, fresh vegetables and potatoes, fruits, cheeses- these are very simple options that taste great and are great for you, no gluten required. 
  • Don't Shop the GF Section! Now, that might sound like strange advice, but here is what I have found: you can find many great snacks and other food options that are gluten free for MUCH less than what you find in the actual gluten free section. When they are specifically marketed as GF, the price seems to rise accordingly. For instance, Chex cereals (and Cheerios soon) are gluten free, and quite affordable. Likewise rice crackers or tortilla chips makes great snack options and are typically lower priced than specialty chips and crackers found in the gluten free section. Just take a walk around your grocery store and you are sure to find many great options.
  • Stock Up on Sale Items. Like any food product, it's always great to stock up when you catch a sale! I've found that GF products don't go on sale nearly as often as other products, but if you keep an eye out, you will occasionally find a great deal. If it is a product you will use, create a small stockpile (be mindful of expiration dates and only purchase what you can and will use!). 
  • Shop at Aldi. For the most part, I really don't buy all that much specialty gluten free foods and instead try to feed my daughter fresh meats, cheeses and produce, but on occasion it's nice to have a fun treat like mac and cheese, pizza or chicken nuggets. I discovered that when it comes to GF products like these (and even flours, etc), Aldi has a wonderful selection at MUCH cheaper prices ($1-3 cheaper, depending on the products!). They also taste great, which is a definite plus! It is not a place that I would have though of for specialty food, but it has become my go to place.
These are just a few of the great ways that your bank account can survive a gluten free diet. You might still find that you are spending a bit more, and there certainly is a little more planning and thought that must go into your shopping, but it really is possible to go gluten free on a budget, and I hope that these tips will help!

Are you gluten free? What tips have you found for saving money?


  1. These are some really great tips--we don't have to eat gluten free, but I like to when we can.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us, I have been going slow on going completely gluten free and reading this is going to help me think better on my budget.

  3. Awesome tips!! I wouldn't even know where to start with eating gluten free but you make it sound so much less stressful lol!! I have always feared intolerance or allergies because being able to adjust accordingly can be so crazy!!

  4. That sounds great. thanks for the great review

  5. I really want to go gluten free, I think it would improve some of my health issues. I am intimidated by all the info out there, so this post really helped me, thanks!


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