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Tips For Keeping Your Kids Reading This Summer {Featuring the Family Christian Summer Reading Program} #FCBlogger

Hello Summer! School's out!! Kids are home! The fun has begun!! And I for one could not be more thrilled to have this extra time to spend with my son! We have big plans to fill our summer with lots of outdoor fun and excitement! But, it's not going to be all fun and games. We plan to learn too! Perhaps one of the best things we can do for our children during this summer break is to keep them reading after school is out. But, how do we get kids to read when there is SO many other fun things to be done? Here are a few simple tips:

Find Something That Interests Them.
Simple enough, right? My son Shaun is a fantastic reader... but he can be rather particular when it comes to book selections. I am always on the lookout for books that will catch his attention. Take whatever your child loves, and find as many books as you can on the topic! Take my son for instance. He loves time travel, science and trains so options like Willie's Redneck Time Machine, Imagination Station series and The Boxcar Children series have all be fantastic options for him!

Comic Books... Are Still Books!
Reading is reading. So encourage your child to read whatever they like best! Billboard signs, newspapers, closed captioning on the TV... these helped my son grow his learning skills long before we found books to hold his interest! Comic books are an ideal way to keep kids who may not otherwise be interested in reading interested! Veggie Tales Super Comics are a huge hit in my house!

Make Reading an Experience.
If you're reading books like My Princesses Learn To Share, create a whole princess experience! Put on some crowns, bring out the wants, have fun! Reading about time machines? Create your own Imagination Station from a cardboard box! Reading Veggie Tales? Check out this post to create your own Veggie puppets! Bring your child's books to life with an all out full sensory experience!

Reward Them For Reading.
Who doesn't love being rewarded for their hard work? Kids are no different! So reward your kids for reading through great programs like Family Christian's Summer Reading Program!! Here's how it works:

  • The Challenge: Have your little one read 6 Christian books of their choosing (see below for some suggestions!). If your little one is too young to read, you can read to them! Complete a short Book Report Form for each book, and return to your local Family Christian store. Don't live close? Don't worry, you can still participate by emailing your complete forms and mailing address to customerservice@familychristian.com
  • The Reward: When your child has completed their 6 book reports, Family Christian will reward them with a $10 certificate to shop for their favorite Christian books, Veggie Tales or so much more available for kids at Family Christian!
Sounds pretty wonderful, doesn't it? Check out these great book suggestions to get you started!!

Will your little ones be participating in Family Christian's Summer Reading Program? How do they plan to spend their $10 reward!?


  1. I love making it an experience! Like a whole day revolving around a book theme!! How fun would that be?!?! On my to do list for this summer!! Can't wait!!

  2. when we w erer kid we did the reading completion in the libarary to win thing

  3. Love watching the children read, it is so encouraging for the future.

  4. My daughter is reading the Box Car children. Your right just because school is out doesn't mean the learning stops!


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