Thursday, April 30, 2015

Celebrate MARVEL Avengers: Age of Ultron! Embrace Your Inner Geek: Avengers Style! {#AvengersUnite #Ad}

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"You're such a geek!"

In some families this might be an insult, but in my household, it's just the opposite... because quite frankly, we're all a little nerdy! We have our different fandoms of course- from video games to movies and tv shows to comic books, but one thing we can all agree to love is superhero movies! I mean honestly, who DOESN'T love a good superhero movie!? Full of action, adventure and fun for the whole family! Needless to say, we are all looking forward to tomorrow's big release of MARVEL's The Avengers: Age of Ultron in theaters!! And we're taking the opportunity to embrace our inner geeks and share them with the world... you see, in our family geekdom is something to celebrate! So, in honor of this great new movie, join us. Be a geek! Celebrate your geekiness, Avengers-style with these few quick tips:

Shop Like an Avenger.
You cannot be an Avenger without the proper gear, so we took a little trip to our local Walmart to find everything we needed. From food to toys to clothing, they have it all!!

Eat Like an Avenger.

Every superhero needs their energy, and what better way to embrace your fandom than with Avengers themed foods? It could not be easier with these specially packaged Cheez-Its and Fruit Snacks! (Or Doritos and Dr Pepper, for the older Avengers fans!!) These are perfect for after school/post saving the world snacks. Of course, I couldn't resist packing my son a super fun Avenger themed lunch box either!

(For more inspiration on eating like an Avenger, check out these fun recipe ideas from my fellow #AvengersUnite bloggers: Hulk Smash Cupcakes or Avengers Inspired Trail Mix )

Play Like an Avenger.
Embracing your geekdom means you're never too old for toys... so get to playing! Act out your favorite Avengers scenes with action figures. Put together Avengers puzzles. Blow Avengers bubbles. Even fly an Avengers kite! There are many great Avengers activities that the whole family can enjoy together-inside and out.

Dress Like an Avenger.

Ah, yes... the ultimate way to embrace and celebrate your inner geek is to dress the part... no need to wait for ComicCon to do it! Of course you can keep it simple for your day to day life with a basic tee... but if you REALLY want to show your geekdom to the world (and have a ton of fun in the process), why not go all out and go full costume! You'll be the coolest family in line at the theater! Plus, you know what they say: The family that plays together, stays together!

As you can see, we are excited and READY to catch the new MARVEL's The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will be in theaters TOMORROW May 1st. How about you? Are you ready to let the world see the geek within? Because let's face it, we ALL have a little geek inside of us!

Do you have an Avengers fan in your home? How are you celebrating the upcoming release? How do YOU embrace your inner geek?


  1. My eldest and I are big Avengers fans, and my youngest is getting there. He's a fan of Cap while I have a thing for genius, billionaire, philanthropist playboys. We embrace our inner geek by quoting the movie in conversation and watching them every chance we get. #client

  2. Our son is a huge Avenger's fan! His birthday is coming up soon, and we might have an Avenger's party for him.

  3. So fun! We love superhero movies over here.

  4. Looks like they were having a great time! LOL. Thanks for sharing such personal pictures.


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