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Live Like Jesus: Mama Maggie Book Review

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.

When you grow up without a lot of financial means, I think it's perhaps only natural that we long for the what ifs. What if we had that kind of money? What if we could buy all the fancy clothes or go on fancy trips? What if we could afford to go to the greatest schools and live the good life. I know as a young girl I certainly had these dreams...and as adults most of us strive to have the financial means to live that good life...to make more money, lead a more powerful position. We believe that money will make everything a little easier...more enjoyable.

So, growing up with wealth, working towards that great job and then giving it all up? Sounds pretty crazy right? But this is just what Nobel Prize nominee Maggie Gobran did. In Mama Maggie, we see the full story behind her organization Stephen's Children and the amazing work they have done in the slums of Egypt. Take a look:

Mama Maggie, bestselling authors Martin Makary and Ellen Vaughn chronicle the life of Maggie Gobran, who in 1997 began her organization Stephen’s Children, which has been changing lives in Cairo’s notorious zabala, or garbage slums ever since. Her innovative, transformational work has garnered worldwide fame and multiple Nobel Prize nominations, but her full story has remained untold—until now. 

At her request, the book also spotlights the people she serves—the men, women, and children who prove every day what a little bit of help and a lot of love can do.

Through the amazing storytelling, the authors have truly made you feel the power of what Mama Maggie and Stephen's Children have accomplished. They effortlessly weave in the story of Maggie and the organization with a look deeper the culture and attitudes in Egypt at the times. Now, I'll be the first to admit, for most books this would have been a bit much history for my liking, but in this I found it necessary to truly understand the big picture. This is a world so unlike my own that I cannot even imagine it. As I read, I found myself thinking that this must be some made up land...or a time in ancient history- not events that had in some cases occurred within my own lifetime. What an eye opener! I was stunned that such places-where children literally lived among the garbage- could truly exist. It made my very modest upbringing seem like a life of luxury.

And more importantly, it made the efforts of Mama Maggie all that much more tremendous. Here was a woman who grew up with the means to live a wonderful life, who worked hard to advance in her career... a woman who enjoyed fashion and fancy jewels...a woman who felt so deeply for the poorest of the poor that she gave it all up and devoted her life to making their life better. Through these pages I could feel her strength, her grace and her faith... not only through the stories of her own life, but through the stories of those she had helped and worked with. This is more than just the story of one woman, but the story of one woman inspiring many...and the great work that those many were doing in the world.

Mama Maggie is truly an inspirational story of living like Jesus, and a great read for all. You can purchase now at Family Christian! And be sure to connect below to stay up to date with all new inspirational book releases:

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