Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cooking with Kids: A Berenstain Bears Country Cookbook Review

**Book received for review. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Not long ago, I read an article talking about how when asked most children had no idea where their food truly came from. I suppose in a society where eating out and already prepared convenience type foods are readily available, this should come as no surprise but it was still eye opening for me. I wanted to be sure that if my children were asked the same questions, they would know the correct answers. One big way we set out to accomplish that was to start a garden. Last year was our first year at that attempt, and quite honestly, the results were less than ideal. We will continue to try again, BUT I don't want that to be the only example we give them. So, I've also been bringing my son into the kitchen to help me cook when he can- and will do the same for my daughter as she gets older. Not only is this a great reminder as to where their food is coming from and the work that goes into it, but it's also a life skill that I believe every person should have- and sadly, many don't!

So, I am always looking for recipes that are kid friendly to make learning to cook more fun for my little guy. When I heard that there was a Berenstain Bears cookbook, I knew it would be a great addition to our cookbook collection. Take a look:

It’s The Berenstain Bears' Country Cookbook! Bear lovers everywhere are sure to find favorite recipes for fun food in this new kid-friendly, cookbook—ranging from Bear favorites that use honey and berries to delicious main meals and breakfasts, and even Berenstain favorites like Jan Berenstain’s famous Green Lasagna.
Featuring breakfast, lunch, main meal, and dessert recipes as well as kid-friendly cooking tips such as food and measurement conversions, this is sure to become a go-to cookbook for delicious and fun recipes kids can cook with an adult.

First and foremost, what kid doesn't love the Berenstain Bears? I know I certainly did as a child...and now my own children enjoy hearing this fun stories as well. It's probably one of my son's favorite series! So, it only made sense that he would love the cookbook as well. And love it he did!!

The recipes were absolutely perfect for any beginning cook. Super simple and easy to follow. In fact, some of them were simply a matter of making food more fun and kid friendly! From mini pizzas to cakes to oatmeal...there was a little something for every tastebud!! I also found the handy kitchen measurement guide to be super handy for kids and grown ups alike.

Many of the recipes featured the bear favorite- honey! My son is a huge honey fan as well, and truly loved this...but what he loved even more was the quick facts page about all things honey. Though he loved the recipes, I think this may have been his favorite part!!

If you're looking for a fun way to get your little ones involved in the kitchen, The Berenstain Bears Country Cookbook is PERFECT! You and your cubs are sure to love it!

Do you have a little cub who loves to help in the kitchen? What are your favorite kid-friendly meals to prepare?


  1. My daughter loves to help me bake cookies.

  2. I always loved the bears growing up!! So fun that they thought to incorporate cooking with them!! We would have to much fun in the kitchen with this!!

  3. I always loved the bears growing up!! So fun that they thought to incorporate cooking with them!! We would have to much fun in the kitchen with this!!

  4. I loved the berstein bears growing up!! So fun that they incorporated cooking with them! My son and I would have too much fun in the kitchen with this!!

  5. this is so cute!!! It is fun to cook with kids, it depends on who it is, it slows things down and makes a mess but it is fun!

  6. This looks like a great book to get for my son because he loves cooking in the kitchen with me!


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