Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Veggie Tales Easter Celebration Egg-stravaganza!!

I love Easter. 

Christmas may get all the glory, but if you ask me, Easter is just as wonderful! I am always looking for ways to make the holiday just a little more exciting for my little ones, while still making sure we keep Jesus at the center of it! I try to include Christian gifts in their Easter baskets each year, incorporate books and movies that celebrate Christ into our holiday festivities, etc. So, this year when my son announced that he would love a Veggie Tales Easter basket, I knew it would be perfect!

But I didn't want to stop with his basket. I decided to set out to create the coolest Veggie Tales Easter Egg-stravaganza... with a little help from Family Christian! Want to join in the Veggie fun? Here are a few quick ways to have the ultimate Veggie Tales Easter event!!

Egg Decorating- Veggie Style!

Easter wouldn't be Easter without the eggs, so what better place to start our celebration!? Did you know that there is actually a Veggie Tales egg decorating kit? There are character wraps, stickers, googly eyes... everything you need to dye your eggs in the perfect veggie fashion. So much more fun than boring ol' egg dying, right?

For us, we decided to take it one step further... we made some hand painted decor eggs to last for years to come! The great thing about Veggie Tales is that the characters are super simple. I'm no artist, but found creating these fun, festive eggs to be easy!! Even kids can join in on the crafting fun. All it takes is some blank craft eggs and a little paint!


Very Veggie Entertainment.

The perfect entertainment for a Veggie Tales event? Well, a Veggie DVD of course! Choose from Easter greats like 'The Easter Carol' or 'Twas the Night Before Easter'... or mix it up with a few every day favorites! (Hint: Noah's Ark features a fantastic Easter silly song!).

Pick up a few great Veggie CDs to play during outdoor festivities, or some fantastic books for a Veggie Tales story time! My kids both personally love 'The Great Easter Egg Hunt'!


DIY Veggies

Kids love craft time, don't they? And puppets! So, DIY Veggie stick puppets seemed like the ideal craft for our Egg-Stravaganza. These are super simple, quick and fun to make.

  • Construction Paper/Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Popsicle Sticks
  1. Cut out the shape of your little one's favorite Veggie character, and have them draw their face onto the cutout.
  2. Glue the figure onto the popsicle stick, and let dry.
  3. Put on puppet shows to recreate their favorite Veggie moments!


Veggie Tales Themed Basket

Now, for the truly fun part! Creating the perfect Easter baskets. I tend to find myself going all out when it comes to Easter baskets, which is one reason I like having a theme- it keeps me on track and keeps me from going too crazy. But with so much great Veggie goodness available, even a Veggie themed basket can be overwhelming. To help, I've broken it down into three easy Veggie Basket shopping guides with just a FEW of the many great options for each theme!

For the Boys: A LarryBoy Easter

For the little boy who loves superheroes, you can do no wrong with a LarryBoy themed basket. DVDs, toys...there are even new Veggie Tales comic books! Take a look:

Veggie Tales Super Comics Volume 1 // LarryBoy Plush // Veggie Tales Super Comics Volume 2 //
LarryBoy's Get Rid of the Fib Game // LarryBoy Super Hero Power Pack // LarryMobile Wooden Pull Toy

For the Girls: A Veggie Princess Easter

Now, I'll admit, when I started creating my daughter's Easter basket, it was only supposed to be a general princess basket...but I found it becoming more and more of a VEGGIE princess basket as time went on. There are many great Princess DVDs, toys and more featuring SweetPea Beauty! You're sure to find everything you need for your little princess!

For the Family: A Very Veggie Easter

Prefer to keep it more general? There are certainly plenty of options that the entire family will love- DVDs, tattoos, games... there are even Veggie blankets! The hard part won't be finding great gifts to fill your veggie'll be narrowing down the options!

Mini Velvet Poster w/ Markers // A Very Veggie Easter // My Great Big Veggie Storybook //
Veggie Checkers // Veggie Tales Bible // Veggie Tales Throw Blanket

So, whose ready to join me this Easter with a Veggie Tales celebration? You can find all your Veggie Tales needs for Easter and throughout the year at Family Christian! Want to see more? Connect at the links below:

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How would YOU create the ultimate Veggie Tales Easter celebration?


  1. Those are adorable. My kids would have loved these when they were littler. My oldest's first real drawing was of bob and larry.

  2. I LOVE VeggieTales- always have! I would really enjoy doing some VeggieTales crafts with the kids in my class at the daycare! :) Thanks!

  3. Love, Love, LOVE these ideas! You are so creative!!

  4. Those stick puppets look so easy, and I bet my kids will love them!

  5. Wow! I love the Larry Boy Basket! My son would LOVE this! (especially since I recently downloaded the theme song with his name in it) :P

  6. This is so creative! My daughter loves veggie tales and would have so much fun doing something like this.

  7. We love veggie tales in this house as well!! Your eggs turned out fantastic!! I love how you did more than just eggs and made a whole project out of it. Seriously so cute!!

  8. My son loves Veggie Tales, so this all looks like a lot of fun for him!


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