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Finley Grace, 17 Months.

Another month has come and gone and Miss Finley just keeps on growing! Here's a look at what she's been up to this month.

  • Holding steady in 2T clothing. She's gotten a bit taller perhaps, but she's definitely reached the point where her growth has slowed down a bit, at least for now.
  • At 17 months, Finley has most definitely reached that stage of repeating everything! She talks up a storm! I'm not sure how many words she's up to now, but I cannot keep up! Some of my favorites are 'thank you!', which she politely tells us whenever it's appropriate. 'Bubby!', said with a squeal! 'Minnie', perhaps her favorite word! 'Finnie', yes, she even says her own name. 'Pone' (phone), though I wish it weren't accompanied by trying to steal our phones! 'Eeeewww', which is how she tells us that something is dirty...to include her diaper! 'Bus', also often with a squeal of excitement as bubby has gotten home! Of course, these are just a few of many, and honestly, everything she says is adorable!
  • She loves singing- particular music from Frozen or the theme song from Veggie Tales. She has also recently learned Ring Around the Rosie...and likes to go around singing 'ashes, ashes!'.
  • The winter weather has taken its toll on her poor skin lately...her eczema is causing a lot of itchiness. Aside from the scratching, she doesn't let it get her mood down and is a happy, sweet girl!
  • Frozen and Minnie are her favorites, but she's loving Veggie Tales more lately as well...or of course any other princess movies too!
  • Her play kitchen is one of her favorites! She also loves her toy vacuum and baby dolls. She adores her Frozen ride on toy...but prefers to give other toys rides rather than ride herself.
  • She loves helping people- so full of love and nurturing already!
  • She has learned to high five.
  • She still loves pretty things like frilly dresses, jewelry and headbands/bows.
  • She has recently begun showing interest in the potty- saying pee and potty appropriately. We're not pushing the issue (frankly, this mama isn't ready for that), but did buy her a potty chair which she has peed on twice!

Each day it seems our girl learns something new and fun! I never know what to expect next. It is so fun to watch her develop her own personality and see how she interacts with those around her. I cannot wait to see what happens next!


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