Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fight Winter Colds With Essential Oils {A Kid Safe Alternative}

Winter is in full swing, and for many of us, that means winter colds and congestion! Rather than rushing to the drugstore for over the counter medications to battle the winter icks, our family likes to try some more natural at home remedies first. Perhaps my favorite natural aid for congestion and colds are essential oils!

Now,  when you think of appropriate oils for colds, perhaps one of the first oils many of us think of is eucalyptus! It truly is a great oil for congestion and one that I personally find myself carrying around to sniff as needed. Unfortunately, as great as it is, its also not recommended for children under 10! With two little ones in the house, its not worth the risk for me! So, what are we supposed to do? The good news is, there are many great kid-friendly substitutes available!

Here is my super easy kid friendly blend that is perfect for winter colds!

Oils Needed:
  • Fir Needle
  • Spearmint
  • Lemon
  • Lavender (optional)
I use equal parts of each oil, but the great thing about creating your own blends is that you can adjust to your personal preferences. During the day, I tend to stick with the first three only, but at night, I add in the lavender for a little extra relaxation.

How to Use:

  • Diffuse. My favorite way to use oils is diffusing...especially around my children! Not only is it super effective and a safer option, it also helps EVERYONE at the same time! Don't have a diffuser? You can also add a few drops of your oils to a tissue and place beside your bed as you sleep, or in a plastic baggie to sniff throughout the day as needed. The diffuser is certainly preferred, but this can be an inexpensive alternative for those who don't yet have one. 
  • Personal Inhaler. For on the go relief, a personal inhaler is ideal. Use as needed, or teach your (older) child to use themselves!
  • Topically. Personally, I prefer to use oils topically in moderation...particularly on my children (and especially my toddler!). However, if you need to use topically, please do so safely! Always remember to dilute properly...regardless of brand used! Check out this link for some very helpful information about proper dilution.
Please Note: While essential oils are a great supplement to natural health, they are not a replacement for proper medical care, and should be used with caution. Natural does not mean without precautions. Please do your own research on essential oil safety and remember to consult your doctor for any health issues!
Do you use essential oils to fight winter colds? How do you use them?


  1. I've only used essential oils in lotion. I never thought to use them for colds, I gotta try this. Thanks for the great post.

  2. I have seen these before and I am very interested in them. I would to try the Fir!!!

  3. A diffuser seems like a nice way to use essential oils, I should get one for our living room. Right now I use EO blended with soy way in a tart melter to diffuse EO scent into the room.

  4. Thank you for adding that natural doesn't mean without precautions. With so many wanting natural alternatives, and with the "essential oil boom", many think that because it's natural, a little is okay, so more must be better! We use EO's when we get sick, but still use caution.

  5. I received a diffuser for Christmas and have been using it every day, almost all day long. Not only are we diffusing the Immunity Blend to boost our immunity, but the house smells great.

  6. I'm just starting to use EO's, so I love having posts like this pinned to reference when I'm wondering how to use them to help the family :) Thanks for the info!

  7. This sounds great to try and you have nothing to lose either. I just learned that peppermint oil is great for headaches. I never got them before and now I am hit by them all the time. I think this sounds wonderful and thanks for the tips!! Rita Spratlen


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