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Easy DIY Kids Table Duct Tape Makeover

A few years back, my son received an adorable little folding Thomas table for Christmas. This table was the perfect addition to his Thomas room and came in very useful for so many things- arts and crafts, coloring, reading...even snacking. We loved it. Unfortunately, it didn't hold up well against my destructive little man. The table itself was in great shape, but the plastic covering was ripped and torn...and just looked awful! Still, we needed a little table for him so rather than toss it out, we decided to give it new life...and all it took was a little time and a little duct tape. Take a look:

Have a table like this that could use a makeover? Here's how we did it:

What You Need:

  • Table
  • Screwdriver
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors

What You Do:

  1. Use a screwdriver to remove tabletop. Remove plastic covering and padding. (If you prefer, you can keep or replace the padding as well. Ours was torn, and we wanted a more solid surface for Legos anyway!)

  2. Carefully begin covering your tabletop with the tape you've chosen. Go slow to keep tape straight and avoid bubbles. If you're using a patterned tape, make sure you are careful to line up pattern. (We personally went with a simple red so that it would go with anything. You can use fun patterned tape, create fun designs yourself-multiple colored stripes, chevron, we even considered a Minecraft creeper! You can make it as simple or as in depth as you prefer! We even found chalkboard tape that could make a super fun craft table.)
  3. Reattach the tabletop. I found that I'd accidentally bent a few of the metal attachments during the taping. If this happens to you, don't worry, they bend right back.

That's it, you're done! Super simple, it just take a little time and patience. This super simple solution took our tattered old table and gave it a new life to last my son for a few more years...for just the cost of one roll of duct tape!

Do you have a similar table that could use new life? What other unique ways have you found to use colored/patterned duct tape around your home?


  1. How awesome is duct tape for projects like this?! I love how many different colors and patterns it comes in now too. I bought an old desk and covered it with duct tape and nobody can believe it. lol I never thought of taking the whole top off though. Great idea!

  2. that is soo cool out of all the things my kids break if I could fix them and make them something BETTER that's sooo awesome!


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