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Decorating with Intention: Keep God at the Center of Your Home with Family Christian in 2015

Thanks to Family Christian for sponsoring today's post. All thoughts are my own.

A new year is upon us, and for many of us a new year can bring big changes. This is certainly true for my own family. 2014 brought what was perhaps the biggest change our family has undergone when my husband got out of the military after 11 long years. What a change! In fact, it's a change that we are still adjusting to as 2015 begins. There are many things we miss about the military life already, but there are many great things that come along with it as well...like the chance to put down some roots. The chance to buy a house. Our hope for 2015 is that this will be the year that we will finally become homeowners! This is another change that is both a little scary, but super exciting too...and being the decorator fan that I am, I naturally look forward to having the chance to decorate this new home and put a little bit of my own style into it.

When it comes to my decorating style, I have a bit of a mixed taste. For my living areas, I like warm colors- reds, browns and oranges...cozy blankets, all about the family and feeling at home. In my kitchen I love fun colors and everything retro. In the bedrooms and bathrooms I like a mix of classic and modern...with fun pops of color. I love signs, chalkboards, birds, chevron and even a little shine. But more than anything, I love decorating with intention!

So, what is decorating with intention?

For me, it's all about glorifying God in the way that I decorate. If you think about it, this is something many of us already do with our holiday decor. We put up our nativities, our 'Jesus is the Reason' signs, etc to remind us throughout the holiday season the reason we are celebrating. For me, I don't like to stop just at the holidays.

Perhaps you're reading this thinking it sounds like a great idea in theory and feel like pictures such as The Last Supper are gorgeous...but not your style and not something you want hanging in your home. And I don't blame you one bit...but decorating with intention doesn't have to mean just throwing up those classic religious paintings or a bunch of crosses...it can be subtle, fun and even stylish...Take a look around my home...

Here in my kitchen, it's all about the fun retro look. I love having this reminder as I'm cooking or washing my dishes that God is good, always. I don't sacrifice fun for these cute designs!

As I said earlier, I love for my living room to be warm and inviting...and all about the family. Nothing brings in warmth like candles (even if they're LED candles- safer for babies...and forgetful mommies too!) This lantern brings in very subtle messages of faith and family...words to live by.

Perhaps my absolute favorite piece of decor is this gorgeous 'Did You Think To Pray?' wall decor. The design is super simple, but the words are a powerful reminder for my entire family to remember to take time in our day to stop and pray.

In the playroom, we keep the messages subtle, but still inspirational and focused on the family in this fun chalkboard.

As you can see, these designs are FAR from boring or old fashioned, and these are just a few of the many possibilities, all purchased from my local Family Christian store.. I love knowing that my decor is reflecting my love for God, and providing daily reminders of faith for not only myself but my children as well. If you'd like to start decorating YOUR home with intention in the new year, check out your local Family Christian store (or shop online) to find tons of great options to fit each and every style.

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  1. Beautiful designs and wonderful messages :) This fall and winter I've been trying to make more decorations for our home like this. Our Thanksgiving sign that I made for our living rooms reads "GIVE THANKS to the LORD for his is GOOD His love endures forever" :)

  2. I absolutely love the subtle touches throughout your home. IT definitely reflects our faith without being overpowering

  3. I love faith based decor!! My fav yet has been a plaque that says "All I need today is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus!"


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