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All I Want For Christmas {A Shaun Video}

At seven years old and no wigglers in sight, we were truly beginning to wonder if Shaun was ever going to lose his first tooth. Earlier this month, one finally started wiggling! On December 14, it came out! Two days later, the second came out too! Just in time for Christmas...and you know what that means...a little song for your holiday entertainment:

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To be honest, he's not 100% toothless...his grown up teeth actually came in a bit before the milk teeth fell out (a little something called 'shark teeth'!)...still, losing his two front teeth so soon before the holiday...we couldn't resist!!

From Shaun to all of you, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


  1. Too funny! My son lost both of his two front top teeth in the 2nd grade and it took FOREVER for the new ones to grow in. I was really starting to worry and then I took him to the dentist and they did xrays and told me to just be patient. Sure enough, they came in shortly thereafter! ha ha!


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