Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Resolutions: How Did You DO?

Th year is almost over, and the time has come to start considering our plans and goals for the new year...but first, let's look back on the resolutions you made for 2014! Were you able to keep them? How did you do?

Here is a look back at my resolutions, and how I did with them:

1. Attempt a Garden. Well, now let's just say I'm glad I worded this as 'attempt'...because attempt I did! Success? Not really. Oh sure, we had a few tomatoes out of it, but mostly did not have a ton of success...from a less than ideal tiller for our previously unbroken ground to constant flooding, we certainly ran into a lot of issues. Still, it was our very first attempt and a learning experience for sure! I certainly feel as though we will be better prepared this year!!

2. Clean Greener. Yes, I think this was certainly a success! I'm learning more and more ways to maintain a green household!

3. Get Back in the Kitchen More. Eh, this one is perhaps so so. I'm definitely in the kitchen more now, but it got off to a slow start with my husband's unpredictable schedule and kids requiring near constant attention. Still, I find myself going to the same few tried and true dishes I always prepare, so I'd still like to improve in this area and really get back to being more creative in the kitchen.

 4. Be More Organized. I am more organized than I was a year ago...but not as much as I could be! This is one I will certainly be carrying onto 2015!

5. Continue to Grow & Improve My Blog. Yes, I think this was a success as well! This year has brought many great opportunities for me as a blogger including being able to really use it to help support my family. It has truly been a blessing, and another goal that I will strive to improve upon!

Overall, I feel I did fairly well on my resolutions. Sure, some are only partial successes but a little improvement is always better than none at all, isn't it?

How about you? Were YOU able to stick to your resolutions?


  1. My goal was to swim 3 times a week. Did it except for a couple of times only made it to swim 2 times.
    Same goal for next year.

    slehan at juno dot com


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