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Treetopia's 'We've Got A Tree For That' Pinterest Contest

Thanks to Treetopia for sponsoring today's post! All thoughts are my own.

I absolutely, positively LOVE decorating for the holidays! Beautiful wreaths, shimmering lights, and of course the tree!! There is something about a Christmas tree that can turn any room into a magic wintry wonderland.

Growing up, our family always had a themed tree...From Santa to patriotic, it was always something fresh and interesting. Now as a grown up, I STILL love a great themed tree...and no matter what look you decide to go for, Treetopia has the ideal tree to fit your vision. Seriously, from classic green to white to bright pink...there is something to match every style, throughout the year! To celebrate the variety of trees available, Treetopia has something special in store: the We've Got A Tree For That Pinterest Contest!!

Ready to enter? Here's how:

1. Follow Treetopia on Pinterest by clicking “Follow All.”

2. Choose from our list of popular seasons, holidays, and celebrations: New Year Valentine’s Day  Easter  St. Patrick’s Day Summer Christmas in July Independence Day/Memorial Day/Veteran’s Day  Halloween Fall/Thanksgiving Christmas

3. Create a Pinterest board entitled “[Name of Chosen Holiday] Decorating Ideas” (i.e. Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas).

4. Pin your favorite colored tree from the Treetopia website, and include your ideas on how to decorate it for your chosen holiday.

5. Include the hashtag #TreetopiaHolidays on your board and pins.

6. Fill in the form on the Treetopia Facebook page to complete your entry.

Only one (1) entry is allowed per person and per Pinterest account. Voting is limited to one person or email address per day. Votes will be cast on the Treetopia Facebook Page through a Third Party Contest Poll Application.

Winner Selection

1. After the submission period, Treetopia shall determine the 25 best entries based upon the following criteria: (a) board aesthetics, (b) creativity in using Treetopia trees for holiday decorating, and (c) overall board concept. These 25 entries will be the finalists.

2. The top 10 Pinterest boards with the most number of votes by the end of the voting period will enter a final judging by Treetopia. The top three (3) best overall entries will be declared the winners.

And of course I know you're all wondering about the prizes!! The first prize winner will receive a $300 Treetopia Gift Card, second place receives $200 gift card and third place receives a $100 gift card!! That will certainly help in making those pinworthy ideas a reality, right?

You can find the full contest rules here.

How will YOU decorate your perfect Treetopia tree?


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