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Finley Grace, 15 Months.

Last week, my little princess turned 15 months old! Where oh where has the time gone!? While I love this age of learning and discovering, I cannot help but wonder where the baby stage went and how she could possibly be this old already! Does the time always go faster with the second baby? Hmmm...

Here is a look at what Miss Finley has been learning this month:

  • She's still wearing 24 month clothing! 18 months are pretty well entirely outgrown now!
  • She's loving food more and more, but due to her horrible eczema cannot eat anything with gluten! No fun! Fresh fruits and veggies are a staple. She is also still crazy about black beans!
  • Her vocabulary is growing each and every day. In addition to those she'd pick up until this point (Mommy, Daddy Bubby, Minnie, Nanana/Frozen, Disney nini/nose, eye, hi, bye, mimi/milk, baby, bebe/belly button...among others). She keeps adding more words like: Sa (Elsa), teeth, dipey, mine, apple, butt (thanks to Bubby!), the list goes on. She loves saying 'this'...her way of asking 'What's this?' while pointing to something, and will often attempt to repeat answers.
  • She's very smart and picks up on things quickly. She knows the bus means bubby is home. She knows if I am talking to my mom on the phone and say 'I love you' the next words out of my mouth will be 'bye' and will beat me to it! She is VERY close to figuring out how to put a DVD in the DVD player (though at this point is mostly sliding it UNDER the player, but she has the idea in theory). She'll grab the keys and head for the door if she wants to go bye. Perhaps the cutest of all is her standing in the corner...if big brother gets told to stand in the corner, she will happily oblige...if only bubby was such a good listener!
  • She loves her big brother more than anything. If he is sad, she will snuggle up to him and give him a kiss. She actually isn't much for giving kisses usually, but ALWAYS has some to spare for bubby. She already seems very protective of him...unless she's the one pestering him of course!
  • She is all about Minnie Mouse lately!! It's right up there with Frozen! I'm not sure where this obsession came from- she's actually only watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse a handful of times- but she goes crazy!! She helps pick out her own clothes most days and always requests Minnie Mouse! Adorable!
  • She loves 'helping' me clean! You know how some babies are afraid of the vacuum? Not my girl, she wants to push it! She's always stealing my broom too! Of course, she's always been fascinated with laundry. I am personally hoping she keeps up with this trend! I could use a little helper!
  • She loves anything girly! Pretty bows, necklaces, frilly dresses...she wants them all! 
  • She thinks she's a big kid...At Cub Scout meetings, etc she wants to be doing just what the other kids are doing!
  • She's working on THREE new teeth! She'll have a mouthful soon! She loves showing them off and letting everyone know she has 'teef!'.
  • She's a climber! If there is a way to climb something, she WILL find it! She loves to be all over the place, keeping mommy running!!
Overall, Finley is still a sweet, happy little girl and we could not love her more! It's amazing to see her learn all these new things and I am enjoying every minute!! I cannot wait to see what new experiences the next month brings!!


  1. She is so adorable! Yes, time flies by so quickly. My son will be 22 years old on Wednesday. It seems that just yesterday he was a baby! :)

  2. What a cutie! Yes, it does go by faster and faster. I have 6 kids and my youngest just turned 2. Like you, I wonder where my baby went :( I had to smile at your bus comment. My daughter also knows that when she hears the bus, it means her bubbies are home and she runs to the door to greet them. Sounds like Finley knows a lot of words! Enjoy every minute with your sweet kiddos!


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