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The Man Behind the Shave {With Gillette Flexball Razors} #SmoothSummer #shop #CollectiveBias

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There's just something about a military man isn't there? The uniform, the muscles, the haircut and clean shave...what is it that makes women go absolutely crazy? To be entirely honest, before meeting my husband, I didn't get that whole 'man in uniform' fascination. Seriously, be it cammies, a suit or jeans and a tee, what difference did it really make? After meeting my husband, that changed. Finally I got it. I realized that it really WASN'T the uniform or the clean cut look that caused women to was what those things stood for! Suddenly, instead of seeing merely a uniform, I saw strength, courage, devotion. I saw a man who would do whatever it took to take care of those things that were important to him- his country, his brothers in uniform and our family. A man who was willing to put his life on the line to fight for what he believed in. A man willing to work long, hard hours to provide the best life possible for his family. I found that the clean shave of a military man said a lot more about him than where he worked.
In the military, a clean shave doesn't just look better- it's required. It's part of the uniform. For most- my husband included- that means he has to shave each and every day, no exceptions. Needless to say, a GOOD, high quality razor is an absolute must. It has to get the job done, and it has to do it well. So, we took a little trip to our local Walmart to find a shaving solution, which we found with the Gillette Flexball Razor.
What makes the Gillette Flexball Razor a good choice for your military man? Let's take a brief look at some key features:

  • Flexball Technology. Let's get real, a man's face is not a straight line, right? This new technology responds to contours, enabling blades to pivot front to back and side to side. This allows you to reach hairs that other razors may miss, giving you the best shave possible.
  • Low Cutting Force Blades and Blade Stabilizer. The greatest technology in the world means nothing if the blades are no good, right? These new blades have a thinner and finer edge and low-resistance coating that allow them to cut hair easily with less pull and tug. The blade stabilizer maintains optimal spacing while still allowing to respond to the contours.
  • Comfort Guard and Lubrastrip. The streamlined comfort guard helps to channel any excess shaving cream, allowing the blade more contact with the skin for a closer shave, while the Lubrastrip is infused with mineral oil and lubricating polymers for a smoother, more comfortable shave.
  • Precision Trimmer. A shave wouldn't be complete without all the edges being touched up. The improved precision trimmer does just that!

Just looking at the great features available, it's no surprise to see why Gillette is a favorite for MY military husband is it? It truly gives him that clean shave look that he requires for work! But, as many of you already know, my husband's time in the military is quickly coming to an end. After 11 long years in the service, he will be saying goodbye and entering the civilian workforce. But he won't be leaving the military behind completely. He'll be taking the skills and traits the military has taught him and applying those wherever he ends up. He will continue to work hard and do whatever it takes to provide for us. While a clean shave may no longer be requirement for him, it will certainly be an asset. It will allow him to put his best foot forward and to show his pride in himself and his work. It will allow future employees to take one look at that clean military look and be reminded of the type of man they could be hiring.

Whether your man is in the military, on the job hunt, or just likes a clean face...Gillette Flexball Razor is a great solution. You can find out more and connect with Gillette at the links below:

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  1. My husband loves this razor, too! It does a great job giving him the smooth shave I love. Please thank your husband (and you, too!) for his service to our country! #client

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