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Must Haves for the Breastfeeding Mom

The following post is 100% my own opinions and favorites, but does contain affiliate links.

This week, August 1-8, is Breastfeeding Week! As most of you know by now, this is a topic I feel quite passionately about! Throughout the last year, I have shared several products and companies that support breastfeeding. In honor of this week, I wanted to compile a short list of a few of my personal favorite products that make for a better breastfeeding experience!

  • Nipple Cream. There are many great options available, but I think my personal favorite is Earth Mama Angel Baby...it works well and is natural and safe for mom and baby. (Lanolin is commonly recommended and does seem to work for most, but is not the best option for the green minded mama. I suggest researching the topic before making your decision.)
  • Nursing Pillow. Do you NEED a nursing pillow for a successful breastfeeding experience? Perhaps no, but it certainly makes things a lot easier...especially in those early newborn days. Again, there are many options available, but I personally love a classic Boppy. The great thing about nursing pillows is that after you've stopped using them for nursing (generally after the first month or two for us personally), they are still useful for lounging and helpful when learning to sit.
  • A Good Nursing Bra. Well, I think that one is pretty self explanatory! I personally love my Cake Lingerie bra, but there are many great options out there depending on what you like!
  • Nursing Cover. This is definitely one that's a personal choice, but for me I certainly prefer covering while nursing in public. If you don't, then by all means, skip the cover. But if you're like me, covers are much easier than a blanket, in my personal experience. I love the Bebe Au Lait cover and find it it my most used. Another great option for moms on a budget is Udder Covers. You can get one of these adorable covers for FREE, just pay shipping with the (affiliate) code 46DFB1. I have 3 and love all the fun designs. (Psst, this code will also work on the sister websites for FREE leg warmers, nursing pillow, carseat canopy and sling carrier!)
  • A Carrier. Wait, a carrier as a nursing essential? YES! A carrier is on my list of baby must haves period, but is especially useful for the breastfeeding mom, making is super easy and convenient to nurse on the go, without having to stop and find a place to sit, etc. Between my two kids alone, they have preferred different varieties of carriers, so my greatest advice would be to try to find a local store that will allow you to try them on first to see what you and baby prefer! My son was all about our wrap. My daughter prefers the Action Baby Carrier or BabyHawk, though we've been loving our Ergo lately as well!!
  • TendHer Nursing Pillows. If you have any type of breastfeeding troubles, you will be glad to have these! With my son, I don't know that I'd have considered them an essential, but I had many issues with cracks and bleeding and PAIN with my daughter early on and these truly got us through! They can be used both warm or cold and really do relieve the pains that may come up!
For us, this is pretty much it...we keep it pretty simple! There are MANY other great products for the nursing mom available- teas, clothing, etc...but for us, these were the essentials. If you intend to pump, of course you will need a good pump and the supplies to go with that. I personally do not, so I cannot make any recommendations in that area.  Of course, everyone's experience and lefestyles are different and you may find that you need none of these...or something I've not mentioned!

What is on YOUR breastfeeding essentials list? Is there a breastfeeding product you'd love to try? What is it? What products did you buy and not use/like? I'd love to hear all about it!


  1. This is a handy list! Those carriers are handy for lots of things :)

  2. I used the EMAB nipple butter with Brooks, too. I liked it much better than lanolin and I recommend it to everyone!


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