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Finley Grace, 10 Months.

It's hard to believe that in just two short months our little princess will be one year old!! It seems as though we were just welcoming her into our family, but here she is growing and learning each and every day. Here's a look at what Finley's up to at 10 months old.

  • At her last appointment a few weeks ago, she was just a bit under 21 pounds! I'd imagine she has reached that mark by now!! 
  • She has also just moved into 18 month clothes! What!? She can still wear some of her 12 month clothes, but they are certainly more snug!!
  • She loves saying 'mama' and 'bubba' and still occasionally 'dada'. When asked to say these things, it often seems as though she looks at that person as well, so she certainly knows who we all are. For the most part though, she's still a very quiet baby, which just seems to be her personality!
  • Waving is still a work in progress...she can do the motion, but doesn't seem to do so with intention just yet.
  • She is crawling, cruising and yes, even standing!!! She can stand for several minutes on her own now, and that time seems to grow each day! And of course she is into EVERYTHING!!!
  • She is loving adding more foods to her diet- though breastmilk is still her primary source of nutrition. Blueberries definitely seem to be a favorite!!! Though she loves squash as well! (Okay, let's be honest, I don't think she's disliked anything she's tried so far!)
  • She now has FOUR teeth...three of which popped through right around the same time. I love her adorable little tooth-y grin!!!
  • She is still Frozen obsessed...seriously! If she sees anything with Frozen on it she gets excited and starts kicking and talking...adorable! She also likes Tangled and The Little Mermaid, but not at the same level!!
  • Her princess dolls are still probably among her favorites. Big brother also found her a Little Mermaid tv toy (you know the old fashioned moving picture kind?) at a yard sale for 75 cents and she adores that as well. Aside from her princess things, she also really loves playing Thomas toys with big brother!!
  • She's a bit of a night owl. Once she falls asleep, she sleeps wonderfully...but it can take awhile to get her to settle sometimes...she just wants to have fun!!
  • It seems her dislike of the carseat has faded some. She still prefers to b held of course, but no longer fusses at all!

Overall, she is an easy-going, happy baby who has us all wrapped around her adorable little finger...and who is growing up MUCH too quickly!!


  1. You photo is awesome! Writing down these milestones and memories will mean so much to the both of you in years to come. I wish I had kept up with it and done more of it. My son is grown and gone. So trust me when I say ...keep it up! She is doing great! Love those eyes and that blonde hair!

  2. Too funny that she loves Frozen! She is SO little. haha. It is taking over the world.

  3. Super cute. love her hair color.

  4. What a cutie! Time flys doesn't it!? ...I named my little pup Finley...great name! ;) Adorable she loves Frozen...I have to see the movie!!!

  5. My eight and a half month old is the same at night. She takes a while to settle down but then does pretty well.

  6. She is so cute!! I love the name. That's hilarious that she's already been sucked into Frozen frenzy :)


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