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Better Late Than Never: May via Instagram!

Oops! We got so busy with the end of school year/beginning of summer activities that my monthly Instagram photo dump somehow slipped through the cracks! Oh well, better late than never, right? Here's a brief look at our May via Instagram:

Shaun has been asking to learn to play golf for several months now, so for Easter we bought him a set to learn! I can't say that he'll be the next Tiger Woods, but he's getting better!

I love my nerdy little child.

Aww, my princess!

The sweetest boy in the world...I'm blessed to have him call me his mommy!

Every time bubby goes to sleep, the pestering begins! To be fair, he pesters her constantly when he's awake...it's the only time she stands a chance!

I love that sweet look of a nursing baby!

Watching their favorite movie...for the millionth time...that day!!

She loves being outside!

Finley shares everything with brother!

Again, I could not be more blessed!!!

Early in May, we made a trip to Toys R Us to buy some outside toys. This wagon was our favorite!!

Teething necklaces are the BEST!

Fresh peaches...YUM!

Enjoying the outdoor weather with a baby on my back!

When this photo was taken (at the beginning of May), she had just one tooth. Now she has FOUR!!

A favorite story of my husband's is the time when his sister kicked him in the shin wearing his roller blades...and HIM ending up being the one in trouble. I cannot help but wonder if Finley is contemplating the same thing here!

In addition to golf, Shaun is also learning to play baseball (and basketball too!). Fun!

Finley loves helping with laundry...especially her diapers!

Working hard in the garden!

Mommy/Daughter Selfie

She seriously LOVES laundry!!

Picnics are our favorites!


I love watching these two play together!

Shaun named the lil guy Wormie and assured me that worms do NOT pee on people. Unfortunately, Wormie did not make it...poor fella!


  1. Your pictures literally brought me to tears. Aren't we, parents, truly blessed? My "nerdy little boy" is now 25 years old and a man that I am proud to call my son. Your children are beautiful and I have no doubt that you will be just as proud when they are grown. Thanks for the memories! {{hugs}}


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