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A Great Deal For The Kid (or Kid at Heart) in Your Life with Battroborg!!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the dad who is still a kid at heart (much like MY husband)? The dad who is a little bit of a nerd and still loves playing with toys? And robots? And all that fun stuff?

Or maybe you're looking for a gift for the kid who just finished the school year and deserves to be rewarded? Whatever the case, Tomy has you covered with their awesome Battroborg!!

What is a Battroborg?

The first robotics toy of its kind, Battroborg uses advanced motion-control technology to bring you the rush and gritof true in-your-face combat action. Whether you’re a brawler, a glass jaw or a southpaw, Battroborg promises pure excitement, ultimate battling action and knock-out fun!

The 3-in-1 Battle arena is on sale now for $59.97- a savings of $20...and with the coupon below, you can save even more!!

What kid (big or little) in your life would enjoy this awesome deal?


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