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Ahh, teething...that time in a babies life that most parents dread. The drool, the tears, the sleepless nights. As parents there is nothing we hate more than seeing our children in we look for solutions to make it easier on them. For many, that means medicines like pain relievers and numbing gels. But many moms, like myself, prefer to do things a little more naturally.

So what does the natural mom do for teething?

These are a few solutions that worked well for us:

  • Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces. 

Anytime I am asked about teething solutions from ANYONE (crunchy or no), amber teething necklaces are my very first suggestion. Amber contains succinic acid which is a natural pain reliever and healing agent. When worn, the amber will warm and the succinic acid will be absorbed into the skin, resulting in a natural pain relieving effect. Sounds a little cooky, right? I'm not going to really does sound a bit crazy...BUT IT WORKS!

Finley started wearing her necklace at the very first signs of teething- just 3 months old! Right away we certainly noticed less drool, but we also noticed a change in her mood. Fin has always been a very happy baby, except in the car! She hated her car seat with a passion. She cried nearly all the way to the store to pick up her necklace. I decided to let her wear it home, and immediately discovered that she was MUCH calmer. Coincidence? Perhaps, but from that point on she has been much calmer in the car! And aside from a moment here or there, she really has handled teething quite well!

So, how long does baby wear it? Is it a choking hazard? What kind works best? Where do you buy them? These are a few of the many questions we've been asked, so I will try to address them as best as I can from OUR experience.

  • How long can baby wear it? Finley wears hers 24/7. Personally, we co-sleep so Finley is always right next to me and never unsupervised. She has also been wearing it for so long that she never messes with it. Still, if you don't co-sleep or are just not comfortable leaving it around the neck overnight, you can also use it around the ankle under jammies. Honestly, we don't even take it off at bath time!
  • Is it a choking hazard? First of all, let's just be clear that these necklaces are made to be worn, not chewed on. Still, we all know that if it can reach their mouth, it WILL go in the mouth, right? For that, a proper fit is key. The necklace should be loose enough that it's not a choker (at minimum two adult fingers width), but not loose enough that it could reach baby's mouth. They are also designed with safety in mind. Each bead is individually knotted so that should the necklace break, only one bead comes loose. If caught on something, the clasp will also break apart, so as not to choke baby as well. I cannot and will not say that there is absolutely no risk, but when used properly and responsibly, the risk is very small.
  • What kind works best? First and foremost, be sure that you are buying genuine amber...otherwise it's just going to look pretty. Aside from that, I have heard that raw is best and that the lighter the better...others will say it really doesn't matter. I went with the lightest color my store had to offer in raw beads, but if you prefer something else, get what you like!
  • Where do you buy them? Personally we bought Finley's at our local natural parenting/cloth diaper store. If you have such a store in your area, I highly suggest checking there first. This will allow you to see the necklaces in person and try them on for sizing BEFORE buying. If that's not an option, many natural parenting online stores offer them as well. Again, just be sure to purchase from a trusted retailer as there are a lot of fakes out there!
As you can see, teething necklaces are definitely our top choice and offer a lot of relief but doesn't take away the discomfort entirely, so when more support is needed:

  • Wooden Teething Rings/Toys. We have a mix of both the classic plastic teething toys and more natural options as well, but given the choice Finley always seems to go for the wooden ones! I cannot speak for Finley as to why she likes them, but they certainly seem to provide some relief when needed. We also found that at the beginning of teething, the wooden rings were easiest for her to hold as well.

  • Teething Necklaces for MOM. We've talked teething necklaces for babies, intended to be worn, not chewed, but teething necklaces for mom to wear that CAN be chewed are ideal for babywearing moms! And unlike typical teething toys are much easier to keep track of!
  • Cold Food to Gnaw On. Carrots are really great for this, or Finley's favorite is chilled uncooked green beans. Of course, please do this under complete supervision. We found this to be effective before the first tooth broke through, but had to be more mindful after. Even with one tooth a baby can be quite effective at biting a chunk off. I've also rubbed an ice cube along the gums. If you pump, frozen breastmilk cubes can be a great natural solution also.
  • Homeopathic Teething Medications. We haven't had to use medication much, but when we do we go with homeopathic options. Camilia is truly AMAZING! It's already separated into proper dosage, so no worries of overdose and it works wonderfully! It can be found at Whole Foods, Walgreens or online!
  • Extra Nursing/Snuggles. When all else fails, extra snuggling and nursing always seems to help comfort my kiddos! (And really, who doesn't love an excuse to cuddle their baby!?)

Have you tried any of these natural teething remedies with your little ones? Which are your favorites? Any more natural teething tips to share? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Funny, I don't even have a young child but I had read an article about using oils earlier so I wanted to see what you had written. I love how you always end with the bible quote from Proverbs.

  2. Thank you for sharing these natural teething items with us.

  3. Some great ideas! Though you left out one of the features of teething necklaces---they are absolutely adorable!

  4. (Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces.) These teething necklaces are so nice, my grandson sure could have used one of these when he was younger. He slobbered all the time, and has finally cut about five teeth now.


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