Friday, May 2, 2014

Cloth Diapering on a Budget with Flour Sack Towels

When it comes to cloth diapering, one of the biggest concerns I often hear about is the start up cost... and I completely get it! One of our primary reasons for choosing to cloth diaper was the savings, and yet despite knowing the long term savings, the idea of spending $300-400 upfront was a hard one to wrap my cheap mind around. Let's be honest, most of us don't have that kind of money laying while it may cost more in the long run, it seems easier to come up with the lesser weekly/monthly amounts for disposable.

But today, I'm going to share a secret to cloth diapering on a budget that will hopefully make it a more realistic option for some. What's the secret?

Flour Sack Towels.

I know many of you are probably wondering, 'What are flour sack towels and what do they have to do with cloth diapering?'

Simply put, they are super absorbent and inexpensive kitchen towels that can be purchased just about anywhere. They generally run about $4 for a pack of 4 (Target) or $5 for a pack of $5 (Walmart). They are cotton and basically serve as a cheaper alternative to flats...just $1 each! They can be used like a flat, folded inside a cover, or used to stuff a pocket too. They are quite thin, so they offer a great trim fit for baby.

I'd heard of this little secret awhile back, but after taking a look at them in store I just couldn't believe the hype. If you've seen these towels, you know they are VERY thin. How on earth could they be as absorbent as everyone said? So, I decided to buy a pack and try them out for myself...and now I can honestly say, I'm a believer! I actually find myself going for these over our regular diaper inserts... because Finley is constantly on her bottom or being worn, as she's grown we've seen more and more problems with compression leaks with microfiber. Flour sack towels don't have that problem at all. I've even used them overnight, though typically with a microfiber or hemp booster folded in between- and they've done great!

Personally, we are big fans of All-In-Twos, so that's how we've used them most. We simply half, half again and then fold by thirds to get the perfect size and lay flat in the diaper. But they can be used with any fold that you would use for flats as well. Because they are cotton, they are safe to go against babies skin. With their super low cost, you can build a great stash of inserts for super cheap- I'd say $24 to $32 depending on your wash preference should do it. Add in 4-6 covers and you are set. You can find covers as low as $10-15 at regular price...or watch for sales or buy used for even greater savings. You could easily create a modest stash for right around $100...or less! They will pay themselves off after only just a couple months!

Cloth diapering start up can certainly be a major expense, but flour sack towels and covers are one of many great inexpensive diapering options available to make it easier on all budgets!

If you've tried flour sack towels, I'd love to hear your experiences! Did they work well for you? How do YOU use them? Any other tips for cloth diapering on a budget?


  1. I love this! I have never, ever heard of this and a friend is on the fence for cloth diapering. One factor is the cost upfront, so I will send this along to her. Thanks!

  2. I'd never heard of this, but it's such a great idea! I totally agree with the initial upfront cost being a bit intimidating, so this is very useful for swinging the balance!

  3. (Cloth Diapering on a Budget with Flour Sack Towels) These cloth diapers are so neat. My daughter-in-law has some of these for my grandson. I wish they had these when my grown children were younger.

  4. This is a fantastic idea, especially for those on the fence due to start up cost. I wouldn't have thought the towels would be so absorbent, so thanks for sharing your experience!

  5. This is so awesome because I used to actually stuff cloth diapers with cheap washcloths and I've never heard of anyone else doing something similar. Love it!

  6. With the cost of diapers skyrocketing and the idea of absorbent material plus comfort, flour sack towels sound more and more like a great idea!


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