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Finley Grace, 8 Months.

Another month has come and gone, and our sweet girl is now EIGHT months old! Wow! This past month has been a big one for Miss Finley. Here's a little look at what she's been up to!

  • I haven't officially weighed her, but I believe she's right around 20 pounds now!
  • She just moved into 12 month clothes! Oh my goodness, she's growing fast!
  • She got her first tooth! Just one for now though.
  • That tooth has made eating a LOT easier for her. Her favorites are fresh green beans, organic bananas and apples. But most of her nutrition still come from nursing.
  • She went from being a master of the low crawl to actually crawling...she's all over the place now. She's also gotten great at getting into the sitting position from crawling!
  • And she's pulling up too! Watch out world! (I told you it was a big month!) This means lots of bumps and even a few bruises, but she doesn't let that stop her. She has gotten into the fun habit of heading straight for the XBox One power button too...fun!!
  • What we first thought was just unintentional babble now appears to be quite intentional speaking. She is constantly saying 'Mama' while looking directly at me! She'll say 'Bubba' and 'Dada' too, though not quite sure yet how intentional those are!
  • Her favorite toys right now are her dolls- particularly her Disney babies- Cinderella and Anna. She loves the music from Frozen (Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? is her favorite.) and music in general as well.
  • Like her brother, she's a bit of a night owl. She likes to stay up late, but-unlike her her brother- once she's out, she's a good sleeper!
  • She's still not a huge fan of her carseat, but seems to be doing a bit better with it.
Overall, she is the happiest, sweetest baby girl in the world and we are blessed to call her ours. While we dread seeing her grow up so quickly, this is certainly a fun and interesting stage and we love seeing her learn new things each and every day. I cannot wait to see what the next month brings!!


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