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A Monthly Surprise For Your Little Nerd with Nerd Block Jr

A huge thank you to Nerd Block for providing the products featured in this review. This post contains affiliate links.

In our home being a nerd is GOOD and my son is perhaps the nerdiest of all. All of his favorite things are those things that are often considered to be nerdy- Nintendo, Super Mario Bros, Angry Birds, Pokemon, Legos. You name it, he loves it! So when I first saw the Nerd Block Jr, I immediately knew that my son HAD to have one!

So, what is Nerd Block Jr?

Nerd Block Jr is a monthly subscription box service designed for kids ages 6-11. They are filled with toys and games featuring some of your kiddo's favorite characters and brands like Star Wars, Disney, Adventure Time, My Little Pony, Angry Birds, and many more! And because at this age, many boys don't like 'girl toys' and many girls likewise prefer girlish things too, Nerd Block Jr offers a box for each! Boxes are just $13.99 a month (plus shipping) and packed full of nerdy goodness.

Did you ever get grab bags at the store when you were a kid? You know, they came in paper bags and you never knew what was inside until you ripped it open? I always loved those. To me, Nerd Block Jr is the same thing but even better, because I know that my son is going to love what's inside.

For this review, I was sent both the boy and girl blocks for the month of April. Let's take a look at what was inside:

Girl Block

  • The Smurfs Grumpy Plush
  • My Little Ponies Class of Cutie Marks Set
  • Playmobil Figure
  • Baby Filly Princess
  • Minnie Mouse Sticker

  • My first thought about the girl block was that it was not what I would personally consider overly nerdy. Most little girls I know enjoy My Little Ponies and Minnie Mouse...and everyone loves The Smurfs, right? I thought this was great for ANY little girl- whether she's only a little nerdy- or super nerdy too. My favorite was definitely the My Little Ponies- so fun and cute! Though my daughter is not only enough to enjoy these toys, I know my nieces would have been thrilled with this block.

    Boy Block
    • Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figure
    • Hot Wheels Car
    • Star Wars Squeeze Meez Pen Toppers
    • Avengers Grab Zagz
    • TMNT Mashems
    • Mustache Friends Plush Mustache
    Wow! Talk about some cool stuff! If Shaun had to choose, his favorite was definitely the Sonic toy. He loves Sonic anyway, but the light up gem made it even cooler in his book. He's also a huge Star Wars and Avengers fan so those both when over wonderfully as well. The Grab Zagz he received contained a Hawkeye Disc Launcher. I loved that it included this little surprise within the surprise too. Shaun has several Angry Birds Mashems and loves those, so adding a Ninja Turtle to his collection was a fun addition. And the mustache was just what he needed to complete his Mario costume. Truly, the only thing he didn't love was the Hot Wheels car, but let's be honest MOST boys I know love Hot Wheels, my son being the rare exception.

    Overall, we were thrilled with both boxes and genuinely have fallen in love with this fun service! Shaun loved unwrapping to reveal all the fun surprises in store, and I loved watching his excitement as he unveiled it all. Even before the box arrived, I loved watching his anticipation as we watched the countdown to shipping. I have to say I was pleased with the shipping time as well. Blocks are shipped from Canada, so I worried it might take awhile, but it had reached our doorstep in less than a week- a definite plus when you have an impatient child waiting!

    Nerd Block Jr again is a subscription service, which costs $13.99 a month, plus shipping (shipping rates vary by location). But the great thing is that your subscription can be started or stopped at any point. So, if you receive one box and decide it's not for you, there's no obligation to keep buying. Or perhaps you have a kiddo you need to buy a birthday or Christmas gift for and have no idea what to buy, this could be a wonderful option. Or if you want to keep getting them, but perhaps money is a little tighter one month, you can stop you subscription and start back up when you're ready. I tend to be one who doesn't like the idea of being tied into monthly payments should something come up, so this is a definite plus. Still, at just $13.99, it's very reasonably priced and a great way to treat your child each month. I know for my kiddo this would be even better than an allowance!

    If you'd like to find out more, or sign up for your own subscription, visit Nerd Block (click 'kids blocks') at  the links below:

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    If you're reading this and like my husband thinking this sounds great for YOU as an adult, be sure to check out the grown up version as well. (Of course, I won't judge if you go for the Jr blocks too!)

    Do you have a little nerd in your life who would enjoy Nerd Block Jr? Or are you a nerd yourself? What were your favorite items in April's Nerd Block Jrs?

    Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!!


    1. This would be a fun surprise to get in the mail. I'll have to check out the adult version too--nerd blocks for all! I really like that it's a monthly payment, as I've been stuck with some subscription boxes that, after a few months, clearly weren't a good fit for my family.


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