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In what shall be known as the winter that may never end, February stilled looked a lot like this...

Even my snow obsessed Shaun has gotten tired of the snow...so much so that he decided to head back home to California. Really now, who can blame him!?

I had the two most adorable Valentines a mama could ask for...

February was a bit of a rough month for Shaun.
What seemed to be a slight fever the weekend after Valentine's Day turned out to be Scarlet Fever. Two trips to the ER, lots of itchiness and swollen lips later, he seems to be on the mend...though still dealing with some very dry skin from the rash!!

And just when that was finally passing, what started as a very fun trip bowling (one in which Mommy came in first, Shaun second and Daddy in last)....

Ended in a very painful, bruised and swollen finger when little man dropped a 15 pound bowling ball on his finger!! Thankfully, it was not broken, just very painful. Daddy taught him to respond to, "What happened?" with "You should see the other guy!". Boys!

At the beginning of the month, Shaun started obsessing over the GameCube version of his favorite Nintendo 64 game- Super Smash Bros. So much so that when we took him to the store to buy the PS3 he'd been saving for, he refused to buy it and wanted the game instead. Apparently, its a rather popular and hard to find (within a reasonable price) game though...but this Mama decided to take a chance and ask around on Facebook...and shockingly, one of my friends had it and gave it to us at a great price!

(And with his leftover money- and a little help from mommy and daddy- he opted to go with the WiiU instead of a PS3!!)

And as always, my kids remained their adorable selves...


  1. I love the photos of your kids! They're precious! And I am SOOO done with winter!!!

  2. My kids would love to see snow lol it does not snow down here in florida! omg poor baby that he got scarlet fever! glad he is better! your kids are so adorable love the lil crown and the pictures!

  3. Aww, those are some great pictures! They're both so precious!!

  4. I cannot believe that we are in march and still snow! The cold does not reach us here in the south it feels like summer already! love the pictures!


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