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Get Clean Naturally with Grandma's Pure & Natural Soaps {A Review}

**Product received for review.

From the cleaners we use around the house, to the foods we put in our mouths and the soaps we wash our bodies with, it seems everything these days is loaded down with chemicals and random ingredients we can not pronounce. Over the past year or so, we've decided enough was enough and decided it was time to take more natural approaches where we could. So when Grandma's Pure & Natural contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing a few of their soaps, I jumped at the chance.

For those unfamiliar with the company, Grandma's Pure & Natural Soaps makes a variety of all natural, handmade soaps- they are most known for the soap that started it all- Grandma's Lye Soap- but offer several varieties to suit your needs.

Let's take a look at just a few of those:

Grandma's Pure Lye Soap

Ah, the soap that started it all- Grandma's Lye Soap has no added detergents or scents- just pure, natural soap made with lye and lard...basically just as you could expect to find 100 years ago!!
Are you reading this thinking lye soap is super harsh and wondering why on earth anyone would want to use it? Honestly, I was told the same thing, but the reality is- when made appropriately, this is actually a very gentle soap. My husband and I both have rather dry, sensitive skin and found this to be an ideal soap for us. It cleaned well without drying out the skin. When my son ended up with incredibly dry skin after scarlet fever, I used this on his very itchy, overly sensitive skin and (in addition to an olive oil bath), it seemed to help a lot! I'll be honest, I'm not usually a 'soap' person- I tend to feel as though I get a better clean without drying with body washes...but this one has single-handedly changed my opinion! I LOVED it. My skin truly feels so much better. I even used it on my face, and found it worked wonderfully, definitely unlike any other soap I'd tried in the past. We will certainly be buying more in the future.

Grandma's Baby Bar

I always tell people that Finley's skin is so sensitive and rash prone that all you have to do is give her a funny look and she'll break out. Of course, I'm only kidding, but her skin really is extremely sensitive and even many soaps intended for sensitive skin will still break her out. We have to be extremely selective on what we use on her skin. Like the original lye soap, the Baby Bar is all natural and contains no detergent, dyes or fragrances, so it seemed like a good choice for our girl...and it was! It didn't dry her skin out as some soaps do, and no rashes either! This was a great solution for our super sensitive princess!

After Workout Sports Bars

I don't know what it is about them...but I've been just a little obsessed with mint and eucalyptus scents lately...especially when it comes to soaps! So I HAD to give these After Workout Bars a try...and I have to say they are wonderful, and great for anytime, not just after working out (though they are great for that too!). They clean wonderfully, didn't dry out my skin, and smell amazing. The scent is still all natural, and is fairly subtle, which is just how I like my soaps! I think the lye soap is still my top pick and what I normally reach for in the shower, but these are definitely a contender as well.

Aside from working well and being all natural, perhaps one of my favorite things about these soaps is the price. We have bought other natural, handmade soaps in the past and let me tell you they can get pretty price-y. In fact, one brand we tried had nearly exactly the same scent as the spearmint eucalyptus bar, and cost nearly double! At $5-6.50, these are extremely reasonable...and work so much better than the more expensive versions!!

These are just a few of the many great soap options available from Grandma's Pure & Natural. From laundry soap to lotions, they have it all. You can see everything they have to offer and connect at the links below:

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Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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