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InstaJanuary: Part 2 {Sibling Love}

As a new mom of two, there is nothing more that I enjoy than watching the interaction between Shaun and Finley. It is quite apparent that they both absolutely adore one another. Finley is Shaun's world, and he wants nothing more than to make her happy and take great care of her. Shaun is Finley's hero. No one can make her laugh nearly as much, and her eyes light up every time she sees him. It is truly a wonderful thing to see...

I'm pretty sure this photo pretty much says it all!!

This is perhaps one of my favorites... thankfully Finley doesn't mind her goofball brother!

There is nothing greater than sibling snuggles!!

In Shaun's eyes, having a sister means double the toys (he's always been drawn to infant toys, though he has none of his own). Here he is showing sister how to play the drums with one of her Christmas gifts!! Perhaps one day they'll start a band.

Throughout my pregnancy, Shaun kept telling me that he and Finley were going to play Takealong Trains and that she was going to love them. He could not wait. He is beyond thrilled that he can now show her how its done. His trains are pretty special to him, so it means a lot him wanting to share it!!

 All new toys must be big brother approved...yep, this one is good!!

True Love ♥


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