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Resolutions for 2014

We are already halfway through the month and I've yet to write the obligatory new year's resolution post. I suppose it's a good thing I was not resolving to stop procrastinating, right? But each year I do try to make several goals that I hope to accomplish. It's never anything too difficult, but rather something I feel is truly attainable. It seems most people give up on their resolutions because they let themselves down early on and see no point continuing so by just resolving to do my best to improve in that area in the end any improvement is still good.

So what are my resolutions this year?

1. Attempt to plant a garden this spring. I say attempt because,well honestly I've never really planted anything in my life! It could certainly be an interesting experience but one I a very much looking forward to. This will be a family project that I'm hoping is successful! I just love the idea of growing my own food and knowing exactly where it came from. Not to mention the money saving! I cannot wait to get started. I am certain you will be reading more about my progress when the time comes.

2. Clean greener. This is something I actually started in 2013 and want to continue with. I will be writing a post going more in depth about this subject later in the month!

3. Get back in the kitchen more. During the last several months of my pregnancy I dealt with a lot of back pain/contractions that made doing pretty well anything rather difficult...and then baby came around and exhaustion set in. I'm sad to say that this has led to eating out a lot more than I would care to. It's been getting better, but this is definitely an area I want to work on in 2014!

4. Be more organized. A common resolution of course, but a necessary one. It NEEDS to happen for the sanity of myself and my household.

5. Continue to improve and grow my blog. 2013 was a HUGE year for A Modern Day Fairy Tale. I made the decision to do more with it and started working hard to achieve that goal. I am still in awe at everything I have accomplished so far and hope to continue the progress in the year(s) to come!!

Do you make resolutions? (More importantly, do you keep them?) What goals do you hope to accomplish in 2014?


  1. I love my spring garden there is nothing better than going in my back yard to pull veggies. Good luck with your garden and the rest of your resolutions!

  2. I like to make monthly resolutions, to me that is hard enough to follow, but after a month, I am pretty used to it and more likely to be successful, and the next month it will be something else, simple, like doing breathing exercises every time I am stressed for a month, for example.


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