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Making Up For Lost Time {Snow Days}

A few years ago, my Shaun became obsessed with snow. He would wake up every morning, look out the window and cry when he discovered the snow had not come. He was convinced each day that THAT would be the day. There was only one little problem...

We lived in California!

So when we moved to Indiana, he could not wait to finally see that snow! We had at least one decent snow last year that I recall, but still he dreamed of more. This year, he has gotten his wish! (Thanks to, in my personal opinion, some extremely expensive and clever marketing from Disney for 'Frozen'...coincidence?)

Unfortunately, it's been a bit too cold to actually play in it as much as he'd like, but just seeing it every morning has been enough for him. He is certainly making up for lost time. 

Here's a brief look at my snow obsessed little man enjoying the snow days:

Are you getting a lot of snow where you are?
Are your little ones enjoying it, or are you ready for spring!?


  1. Ugh. We have mountains of snow here. I wish I could just kick the kids outside to let them play in the snow. In fact, they're been asking to go out. Unfortunately it's just too darn cold to be outside. It's so cold that they cancelled school the past two days because of it. Yup, we had two "snow days" without any actual snow falling. I'm so ready for spring!

  2. Just got notice today that we'll be in school until June 6th to make up for snow days.

  3. We've gotten some snow, but not a whole lot. I'm still ready for spring though.

  4. We were stationed in CA for 10 years....I did recruiting duty in Orange County, was stationed on Pendleton, and Miramar. We came out to Boston, and I wanted to die the first winter we spent out here! haha!

  5. Aww! Looks like they had a lot of fun! Love when the snow is deep enough to play in!

  6. We live in South Dakota so we're accustomed to the snow. He looks like he's having a blast!


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