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To say October was a busy month for us would be a total understatement...it was jam packed! We started the month with a surprise 50th birthday party for my mom. She had turned 50 a few days after my older sister's wedding, and with all the planning for that, we didn't really have a chance to celebrate. So her best friend drove up from Kentucky, and my sisters and I all surprised her! (She also didn't know we were making the three hour trip!) She loved it, and was completely shocked!! A few weeks later, one of my very best friends got married so we made another three hour trip for that! It was a beautiful wedding, and I was so happy to celebrate the day with her. Of course, somehow I managed to not take any Instagram photos at either event! Ooops! But here is a look back at the rest of our October.

On October 10th, our little man had to have dental surgery. With genetically bad teeth anyway and sensory issues that make it hard for him to allow us to brush well or use toothpaste...well, his poor little mouth was in bad shape. Because of his Autism, we could not even find a dentist that would do a proper cleaning, let alone the work he needed and so we had to take him to the children's hospital where he had to be put under. As a mom, there is nothing scarier than your little one being put under, no matter the reason. But he did great! He did a great job during the wait and went back with the doctor with no troubles. Of course he was hurting afterwards, and more scared of how funny he felt than anything, but after we were home, he recovered surprisingly well. And he was super excited to have 13 new shiny silver teeth (crowns)...(He also had to have two pulled, with spacers put in.) What a trooper!

I got started with my fall baking this month with this super easy, super delicious apple crisp! I just love fall baking!!!

We also saw our first snow...nothing that stuck but still very exciting. Unfortunately, my snow obsessed little man was at school when it happened, and missed the whole thing! Bummer!

I have to admit, I was pretty bummed about it being fall and not having any skinny jeans. Aside from fall baking, fall fashion is another love of mine...so I was beyond thrilled when two months post baby, I tried on my favorite prebaby, Banana Republic size 0 skinny jeans...and they FIT!! Yay!!

And now, for some Shaun and Finley cuteness:

Yes, I actually got him to vacuum...wear pants? Well, that's another story!

Someone thought he needed to decorate baby sister!

Her favorite place to be!

Here Shaun was trying to share his trains with Finley.
Those are his favorite, and a sign of true love!

And of course, October would not be complete without Halloween! My Darth Vader Pig (Angry Birds Star Wars) and Cabbage Patch Doll were the absolute cutest! Unfortunately, trick or treat was delayed due to severe weather Halloween night...but we had a great time on November 1st! But now, little man is ready for Christmas!!

Whew, what a month it was!! Lots of ups and downs, but exciting nonetheless...and I'm sure things won't be calming down anytime soon either. I cannot wait to see what November brings!


  1. I just love seeing pictures of your precious babies. What a trooper your son is with all of the dental work. I don't like having dental work done, so he is so brave!!

  2. I love your carrier! And it must be wonderful to fit into those tiny jeans....:)

  3. These pictures are so cute! And I echo the carrier comment - love the colors!


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