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A Gift for the Military Husband: Tungsten World Review {Holiday Gift Guide}

**Product received for review.
When my husband and I were first married, nearly seven years ago- we were completely broke. We didn't have money for a fancy wedding band, and so my husband ended up with a cheap $50 band. It served its purpose of course, but being in the military with the constant training, deployments, etc...that ring went through a lot. It was bent out of shape and really just had seen better days. So when Tungsten World contacted me asking me to review their one of a kind digital camouflage ring, I jumped at the chance. Tungsten rings are an ideal choice for military members... or anyone whose hands take a beating. They are not only beautiful but extremely durable as well.  They are strong enough to handle everything my husband will put it through. I have no doubts it will last him for many many years to come!

For my husband, durability is probably  the top priority, but personally I want something beautiful that reflects his style as well. The ring I received did just that with its unique digital camouflage that was just perfect for the proud military man. Now I'll be honest, when I first heard 'digi camo ring' I was a little skeptical. It would certainly be tacky and over the top, right? Wrong! Once it arrived I was actually quite pleasantly surprised to find that I loved it. The design was done beautifully and if found it to be quite subtle as well. It was hard to get a picture that really captured the ring well, I can only say it is simply stunning in person. And more importantly my husband loved it too. The quality is apparent and he thought the style suited him well without being cheesy as well.

Overall, we were both very happy with this lovely ring and Tungsten World. If you're a military wife or military wife to be and want something unique to reflect your mans pride in the service, I highly recommend this wedding band. But if you're not a military wife or prefer something a little more classic- Tungsten World offers many beautiful options to suit your style. You can see everything they have to offer and connect at the links below:

Disclosure: I received the product mentioned above in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.


  1. My husband owns his own landscaping business so he is always using his hands. I got him a Tungsten ring and it was awesome. It took quite the beat but broke when he dropped it on our tile bathroom floor! Is the camo wearing off at all? We got him a black on the second time around and the black wore off of it within a week. Company told me it wasn't black Tungsten, it was a coating.

  2. That wedding band is so beautiful. My heart goes out to all military families, especially at this time of year with a loved one overseas. That band would be so special to have.

  3. very sharp looking ring! Love the unique design.

  4. i love that design. I want to find one with mossy oak camo.

  5. You are saying about your that bad days this gift for wedding really so much lovely and looking so pretty . The tungsten band is really so strong . I like it so much


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