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InstaLately {10/4}

Time again for another Instagram update! Life this week has been interesting...a sick mommy, doctors appointments, government shutdown (and initial uncertainty on what that meant for my husband's pay), parent teacher conference (more on that later)...this time of the year always seems to be the busiest, and this year even more than normal. Here is a brief glimpse into our life lately via Instagram.

A rare photo of my husband- he's not usually a fan of pictures so its hard to get them! He went to the eye doctor last week and had to get glasses...I think he looks quite handsome still!!

Shaun and Finley hanging out on Mommy and Daddy's bed...which they both seemed to have claimed for themselves!! Aren't they cute though?
On another note, I was lucky enough to win a Target gift card from a blog giveaway, which I used for this fabulous new bedding. We'd been eyeing it for a few months, and when the card came in, I went right to the store to buy it...and wouldn't you know it had gone on clearance!! Awesome!

One of the boys' meals from this past week...Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken. My boys love just about anything if its wrapped in bacon! 

Can you guess who my husband's favorite baseball team is?

Aren't sleepy babies just the absolute cutest? And her sweet little double chin too?

Miss Finley has recently learned to smile, and Mommy has been trying to capture one of those smiles on camera with no luck. This is about the closest I've been able to get...so sweet!

Have I ever mentioned my love of chevron? Truly, I'm an addict. I've been telling my husband for several months now that I wanted a chevron rug, and this week, I finally got one thanks to Mohawk flooring!! I absolutely LOVE it...stay tuned for a wonderful giveaway for an area rug of your own!

I absolutely love this picture! Finley got Tiny Love's new Flexi Play toy this week and it has been a hit in this household...our favorite part? Definitely the mirror! How cute is our girl?

Finley enjoying the BabyHawk carrier...our favorite carrier we've tried so far. She gets to be close to Mommy, and Mommy gets to get other things done. Win/win! Plus, it's super cute, right?
(If you like this carrier, be sure to check back on Monday for a giveaway!!)

This month I am also participating in a Photo A Day Challenge on Instagram. I won't be posting all these photos on the blog, but you can always follow me here on Instagram to keep up!!


  1. beautiful family. and he bacon wrapped chicken looks yummy.

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