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Decorate Your Own JELL-O JIGGLERS Jack 'O Lanterns {#JELLOHalloween #sponsored}

Each time a holiday comes around, I start getting these big ideas about all the festive treats I would love to make for my little man. Pinterest is full of fun ideas that I would just love to do and pin for future reference.  Then... reality sets in. I realize I'm just not that talented or creative when it comes to sweet treats. Thankfully, JELL-O comes in and makes it easy to make fun treats that are not only festive, but easy enough for the kids to get involved! No matter your skill level, there is a JELL-O JIGGLER recipe that is perfect for you- from the more in depth Creepy Crawly JIGGLERS... to the much easier Halloween JIGGLERS Hands! And of course, you can always make up your own creations as well, which is exactly what we decided to do.

For me, the holidays-all holidays- are about making these wonderful memories with my children and sharing special moments with them. Getting together in the kitchen is a great way to do this, but unfortunately the actual cooking part is not something my little guy is a fan of...but decorating? Well, what kid doesn't love decorating? So, rather than create some fancy smancy elaborate recipe, I decided to keep it simple and let the fun part be getting him involved in the decorating. I had the idea of 'Decorate Your Own Monster' JIGGLERS, but my son decided he'd rather do Jack O' Lanterns instead. (What can I say, he likes to keep things super simple as well!)

To make our 'Decorate Your Own Jack O'Lantern JIGGLERS we used plain old Orange JELL-O Gelatin and prepared according to package directions. We then poured the mix into cupcake pans to create super easy round pumpkins. (Of course you could make them look even more like pumpkins with cookie cutters if you have them or even freehand cut them but again I'm not that talented!) I also purchased some writing icing for my son to draw on the faces. Again this is where you could make these your own and get as creative as you want- use candies, sprinkles, etc for the face- the possibilities are endless! 

The Supplies. 

My little guy hard at work decorating his Jack O' Lanterns...and having a blast!

Of course, eating them is just as fun too!!

He was very proud of his creations!! They may not be perfect, but we don't care!!
And here's the thing, even if they don't turn out perfect- as you can see ours did not- it's the experience that counts. My son didn't care that they weren't perfect cookie cutter jack o lanterns, he only knew that we had a great time creating them together (and of course how delicious they tasted!) and truly isn't it those family moments that matter the most? My son and I had a blast making these together, and as an added bonus they were super cheap and easy too!! I cannot wait to make this a Mommy, Shaun and Finley tradition for years and holidays to come! (Decorate Your Own JELL-O Christmas Trees anyone?)

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  1. such a cute idea. would love to do that with my nephew.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  2. this is so cute. my son loves jello and loves decorating.


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