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Blogging With A Newborn

The title of this post is called 'Blogging With A Newborn', but perhaps in reality should more accurately be titled 'Getting ANYTHING Done With A Newborn'. Quite honestly, since Miss Finley has made her entrance into the world I feel like I keep getting further and further behind on...well, everything!! I have baskets of laundry yet to be put away, piles of dishes that need washed, toys that need organized, e-mails that need responses, reviews that need written...the list goes on!

Before Finley came, I had a routine down that was working well for us. I'd get up in the morning at around 6 am- after my husband was gone for work and before my little man woke up. I would use this as my me time- a chance to read my e-mails, check Facebook, do some blogging, read other blogs and enter some giveaways. I usually had about an hour and a half before Shaun needed to be up to get ready for school. After I got him off, I'd do a little more computer work, then onto cleaning...it worked fairly well for me (though I'll admit the cleaning didn't always get as done as I'd like during those final several weeks of pregnancy either!).

After Finley, getting up at 6 am? Forget it...I'm lucky to get up when my alarm goes off to get Shaun up and going!! It's not that she doesn't sleep well either...she's a great sleeper, but I still find myself exhausted regardless. Our days are now filled with nursing, napping and trying to get things done when I have the chance!! Finley is a great baby, so I can't complain, but she certainly loves being held...which doesn't make things impossible, but does make them much harder! (Not to mention, I really just want to spend a lot of time enjoying her newborn days since they'll pass by so quickly!)

When I do get the chance to sit down and blog, I tend to only have enough time to get done what needs done...those posts that have a deadline such as reviews and giveaways. In the past, I was able to get these written in advance and schedule them out, and incorporate personal posts into them, making sure for the most part to not have two reviews/giveaways/sponsored posts back to back. When I made the decision to start to do more reviews and giveaways, it was very important for me to keep this primarily a personal blog and keep a good balance between personal posts and those. Right now, it looks a little lopsided. I have many personal posts I want to share- Shaun's adjustment to becoming a big brother, how school is going for him, adjusting to life as a mom of two, our journey into cloth diapering (so far)...just to name a few. So if you look at my page now and don't see a lot of personal and wonder if that's what A Modern Day Fairy Tale is becoming, please bare with me as I figure out the balance. Blogging, like many other things, with a newborn is hard, but I know someday soon I'll figure it out and get everything back on track!!


  1. It'll get better when she starts napping better without you holding her, etc. Although I rarely find time to blog. I have a fantasy of going to a coffee shop once a week to blog. First, I need a laptop. ;) The blog will still be here... but Finley won't always be a tiny baby! You're doing just what you need to be doing and your readers will understand! You're doing a great job, mama!

  2. the kids are great and then your hubby is great to be able to serve and then
    the trouble you might have jsut do it one day at the time

  3. I remember the first couple of months with my daughter. I was lucky if I could take a bath.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  4. I think my daughter napped without me holding her more when she was little. She's gotten used to me wearing her or cuddling, and now that's the only way she naps.


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