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Party Planning Made Easy with Birthday Express {A Review}

*Product received for review.

My little guy recently turned six years old and to celebrate, he wanted a super cool Thomas the Tank Engine party! If you've ever planned a birthday party (or party of any kind), you know that they can be a lot of work! Especially for a perfectionist like myself who wants everything to look just so and coordinate well. This year my son's 6th birthday party also just so happened to land on the exact day that I hit full term during my pregnancy! Talk about exhausting...honestly, I wasn't sure how I was going to pull this one off! Enter Birthday Express to save the day!

As I said, when it comes to party planning I like everything to be just so. Typically that means shopping around, finding matching decor at the best prices, figuring out what we really need, how much to buy, the list goes on...quite honestly, I just didn't have the energy to put into it this year but I still wanted my little man to have the perfect party! The Party Packs from Birthday Express were the perfect solution!! For this review, Birthday Express sent me their Thomas the Tank Engine Deluxe Party Pack for 8, as well as a few add ons such as a scene setter, party game and tattoos. Even without those add ons, the party pack had absolutely everything we needed to have a great party: 8 dinner and dessert plates, cups, forks and spoons, 16 lunch napkins, table cover, centerpiece, foil balloon, 18 balloons in coordinating colors, 3 colors curling ribbon and crepe paper rolls, 16 cake candles, 8 thank you cards, 8 cone hats and an 18"x16" personalized banner. Everything was perfectly coordinated to go with the theme and truly took the guess work out of party decorations! Rather than going through the store or website finding each item individually, it was already all done for me! And if you want to add on extras, they make that easy too, showing all the coordinating supplies on the same page making it super easy to add on anything else you need! And all great quality items too (the same as you would likely find at your local party supply store). The other downside of planning birthday parties is the cost! Party supplies are EXPENSIVE! Birthday Express is actually very reasonable. The Party Pack that we received costs just $48, a savings of $28.60 over buying each item individually! I know even with my bargain shopping ways I have easily spent over $100 on decorations alone...add in the food, location rental if you do it outside the home, birthday gifts...that's enough to break anyone! A well decorated party for just $48!? Yes, please! Even with the add ons, it would not have cost much at all! And as you can see, it was a very well decorated party:

This scene setter was a hit at the party!
It truly transformed our dining room into the greatest Thomas party ever!!

And did you catch that this included a personalize banner as well? While the banner included in our party pack was just a general train theme, not specifically Thomas, it was still the perfect addition to my little man's big day! He loves having anything with his name on it, so a personalized banner with his name on it!? Awesome! A huge hit! And we kept it a general 'Happy Birthday, Shaun!' so that it can be used for years to come...and with the high quality vinyl, I know it will last as well! Honestly, this is perhaps my favorite part of the party pack!!

We will certainly be using Birthday Express for more birthday parties down the road. They make planning and shopping easier for even the busiest of moms, and while keeping it affordable too! If you are planning a birthday party in the near future, I highly suggest checking out Birthday Express for all your party needs! You can see everything they have to offer at the links below:
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Planning a non-birthday party? You can also check out Celebrate Express for your other party needs, or Costume Express for the quickly approaching Halloween season!

**I received the products mentioned above in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. I received no other compensation.


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