Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Room Fit For A Princess {Nursery Reveal}

I am so excited to finally be able to reveal the finished nursery!! As some of you may recall, even though I got a head start on the nursery with the furniture and bedding- finishing was a bit of a struggle! I absolutely could not decide on a theme! It was between cupcakes and princesses, but both had sentimental value and I could not choose finally I left it up to big brother who simply told me that Finley was a girl, and that girls like princesses...and that was that! We already had a color scheme started- green and brown, and decided to add some pink in to make it more be honest, I was a little concerned I wouldn't be able to pull that off...I also wanted to be very careful not to take the princess theme too far. One of the big cons for it in my indecision is that it is so overdone, so we definitely wanted to do our own take on it! Now that everything is finished, I have to say that I'm extremely happy with how it all came together! It is nothing fancy of course, but we like it and I'm certain she will too! So, here we go: 

The hardest part of decorating this room was the limited space and figuring out how to arrange the furniture that made sense while still making the most of the room we had! I cannot tell you how many times I rearranged the furniture before I finally settled on this layout!

My favorite area in the nursery is the changing table...even though, to be honest I wasn't a huge fan of the changing table to begin with. We bought all the furniture together from a friend of my husband, and while the crib and ottoman were exactly what I wanted, the changing table is probably not the style I would have gone with had we bought it separate. Still, after everything came together, I'm happy with it! Our WallArtsy decal truly makes this area so special and beautiful. Perfect!

The glider and ottoman placement was truly the most difficult thing to figure out...honestly, I'm still not 100% sure that visually its the best spot for it anyway...BUT when it comes to function, I love having it right by the crib! Finley will be in our room for awhile anyway, but when we do eventually move her into the crib, this will be convenient for those late night feedings...or even during nap times!

This afghan was made by my mom and was probably my favorite shower gift...or one of them at least! Aren't handmade gifts the greatest!? I also thought it really helped to bring all of our colors together...I cannot wait to snuggle under it with baby!

Obviously, the center print here needs redone! Unfortunately, when I first had it printed, Finley's name was cut off! How annoying! So, I'll be changing that one out, but you get the idea! The color of this photo is actually off as well, the frames are closer to the pink of the boppy cover in the previous picture! 

My little nightstand. The Scentsy warmer was one of the inspirations for this was one I already have, since I love princesses myself, but I was thrilled to finally be able to actually have a place to use it! This adorable frame was a shower gift from a group of wonderful online friends, and I look forward to being able to put our own photo inside! I found this 'F' at Michaels for just $3 and could not resist buying it, too cute! And again for those late night nursing sessions, my little basket of nursing pads, etc right there handy!

The crib...part of me wants to add something simple above the crib, as it looks a little plain to me...but the worried mommy part of me thinks its best to leave it be...we don't want Finley pulling anything down once she is big enough to stand, right? Hmm...

These stunning curtains were another handmade gift from my sister in law! I'd fallen in love with a similar set at Pottery Barn Kids, but unfortunately, they just weren't in our budget (not to mention, did not come in the right color anyway). So, my sister in law helped me out and made these for us...and I could not be happier with hour they turned out! The photos truly don't even do them justice!! They are the perfect finishing touch!

Changing Table Organization. All the baskets were gifts (the brown from the same group of online friends and the pink from one of my best friends). They work perfectly to organize the changing table! The top shelf has our cloth diapers and accesories (wet bags, etc)....I still have some I need to wash and prep...not to mention more to buy once baby arrives and we can try out some different types, so these will soon be overflowing eventually I'm sure! On the bottom shelf we have socks, blankets and headbands!

And of course, every little girl needs a great closet right!? Finley's closet also doubles as Shaun's quiet TV area (he likes to sit in here with the doors closed when he needs space), but we tried to make it work! Hanging in the closet are her newborn and 0-3 months clothes, then on the shelves are the larger sizes- already seperated by size so we can switch them out easily as needed! Our baby girl will certainly be well dressed!!

As many of you may also recall, I was trying to decorate this room on a tight without spending a whole lot, since we are on a tight budget. I am happy to say that overall, I spent probably somewhere between $250 and $300 (the bulk of that being the furniture which cost us $200 for EVERYTHING!). This was accomplished through a combination of thrift store finds (such as the Breathable Baby bumper at just $2.50!), clearance/outlet deals (such as the bedding for just $11), DIY projects (the frames/prints on the wall), repurposing items we already had (the Scentsy warmer, brown rug, green frame on the wall), gifts (baskets, afghan, curtains) and blog reviews and giveaways (wall decal and Boppy cover from reviews here on my blog and changing pad cover won from a giveaway on another blog). So not only do we have a super fun/unique (I hope) nursery that I also didn't break the bank, which makes this mommy love it even more! Now, we just need a baby to bring home to it!!


  1. It looks good. I like that it's girly but not over the top.

  2. Wow! Adorable nursery!!!

    Semper Wifey

  3. very tiny room, but very pretty decorated. Really like the pattern of the boppy billow and the wall ornament :)

  4. Very nice -- not too girly. I like the color scheme and especially love the wall art(pink crown in green frame. The Scentsy warmer is perfect. And, WOW -- I thought my daughter had lots of clothes! I used to love putting new outfits on her and still do.

    Homemade stuff is great and much more meaningful. Repurposing is practical and economical. We LOVE thrift stores and have gotten great stuff there.

  5. this room is a a dream! relly love it


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