Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Shaun's Birthday Wishlist {And the Impossible Toy}

In just a little over a month- on August 4th, my sweet boy will be turning SIX YEARS OLD!! It seems as though we were JUST celebrating his first birthday! Where does the time go!?

As his big day draws closer, he is hard at work on his birthday list! Mostly, it's all about Thomas again this year...as it has been most years. Last year, he asked for more of a variety...and most of those toys have been played with just once or twice! So back to Thomas it is, at least we know it's one thing he consistently loves and plays!! In fact, when asked which Thomas toys were on his list this year, his response, "All the Thomas toys. Every Thomas toy. All of them." Way to make it easy kiddo! Here is a small look at Shaun's birthday wishlist this year:

Mighty Eagle Plush
Apparently, his Angry Birds plush collection is not quite complete without the Mighty Eagle! It's not among his top choices (thankfully, $100 for a plush!?), but he's certainly mentioned it. He also has his eyes on a few other Angry Birds toys and games. Nothing in particular that he's mentioned yet though.

Despicable Me Fart Blaster
Another one of the few non-Thomas items that made the list...this one a big one! My little guy is such a boy and thinks fart jokes are the greatest...so naturally, he ADORES this Despicable Me Fart Blaster toy!! Toys R Us has a version that releases a banana scent, but for $15 cheaper, Target has a similar version with no smell, just sounds...and Shaun is perfectly happy with that. He thinks this is the funniest toy EVER! I think it will definitely be making its way to his toy boxes!! He's mentioned a few other Despicable Me 2 toys he'd like- mostly the talking minions, but not sure if we'll actually get any of those or not!

Thomas' Treasure Hunt Adventure
Little does Shaun know, this particular play set is already in the trunk of our car...an awesome clearance find at Target...we paid just $4.60 out of pocket after the clearance prices and a gift card I'd had. Of course, this is just one of the many play sets he wants...both Trackmaster and Takealong! And a few wooden as well!

Bachmann Trains
Another huge one on his list- Bachmann trains! This particular play set is available at a local train collectors store, so it's among the top of his list, but he's also mentioned Spencer and truly would be happy with any. He has been asking for Bachmann trains for a few years now, and we've continued to put it off and tell him when he's older/bigger...he believes that he is old enough NOW! Mommy and Daddy aren't 100% sure. These are more collectible than play with type toys, and we know our boy will want to play with them. At this point, we're thinking if we decide to get him one, we'll just get a small train and skip the track set, and get some type of display to put it on so he knows it's not to be played with...personally, we think his birthday money is much better spent on toys that he will actually enjoy playing with!!

Spin & Fix Thomas
This toy is going to be the cause of a lot of heartbreak this birthday I'm afraid. It's his absolute number one choice, and he's convinced he's going to get it, even though we've tried to tell him otherwise. He is OBSESSED with this toy and has been for months. The problem? It's no longer being made, and very rare...so rare that it's going on ebay for $400 new, and still around $200 for the USED version!! Unfortunately, that's just not in our budget. I've been hunting for months, hoping to find a steal, but unfortunately, no such luck so far. I've even contacted the company to see if they might be of assistance...again, no luck there! I can only hope he loves everything else enough that he's not horribly disappointed! We shall see what happens!

He has also expressed the desire to share his birthday party/birthday with his baby sister. Since I will be full term the day before his birthday-the day of his party- this isn't entirely out of the question. However, I don't think he realizes that sharing his special day this year means he has to share it every other year as well!!


  1. Oh wow, toys and more toys! :) Mine will turn six next month and she did not make her wish list yet. If she will, I hope not expensive toys. :)

  2. We got my daughter books for her birthday. She loves books!

  3. I see he is A Thomas fan :) I hope you can find the toy for him!


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