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Life via Instagram {6/27}

Where on earth is the time going!? 31 weeks, 5 days already!?
This photo was taken yesterday. Many have said that I still look tiny for just about 32 weeks, but I have to tell you, I certainly don't feel it!! Honestly, I feel about ready to pop!! It's hard to believe that our sweet baby girl could be here as soon as 5 weeks from Saturday!! Crazy!! I'm not 100% sure I'm quite ready yet! I definitely need to start packing my bag...I'm at a loss as to what to pack though! Any tips?

Mr. Shaun is ready for baby sister to arrive too...but in the meantime, he enjoys snuggling with her in mommy's tummy! So sweet! He loves feeling her kicks and flips and hiccups! He's going to be the best big brother in the world!!

Doing my blog planning for the next few months, and doing it in style with this fancy paper (from the Dollar Tree!). I have some wonderful reviews and giveaways lined up for July...and perhaps a few lined up for August as well. However, August will certainly be a much slower month, since baby could arrive any time that month really! I will try to plan accordingly through July and have lots of posts scheduled and ready to go if needed! What type of posts would you all like to see?

Okay, have I mentioned that Shaun loves Angry Birds? He does! So, he was super excited during our commissary trip when he saw cans of sardines...just like the Mighty Eagle eats!! Never had I seen anyone so excited over sardines!! He insisted we buy a can. As I expected, as soon as the can was opened, he changed his mind and stuck it in the fridge for Daddy to eat later...such a silly boy I have!! But 56 cents to make him happy? I'll take it!

The big highlight of the week of course was Day Out With Thomas!!! You can read all about that here!

Contemplating outfits the night before. Shaun's entire wardrobe used to consist of ALL Thomas clothes for the most part. But little by little he outgrew all but a few (though he still wears his too small jammies), and we could not find any new ones that fit...I suppose he's getting to that point where many kids outgrow Thomas so they're harder to find. But we managed to find these few things that still fit...Shaun opted to mix and match, wearing his Thomas tee under his bibs with his hat and bandanna...a good choice!

Once the decision was made, he couldn't wait...here he is dressed and ready the night before!

Riding Thomas! Such a fun experience for my train loving boy!

Showing off his Jr Engineer Certificate, signed by Sir Topham Hatt!

What a perfect day it was!! Definitely a dream come true!!

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