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Celebrate Father's Day with Daddy Scrubs {Review}

*I received product in exchange for this review.

When it comes to preparing for baby and buying shower gifts, it's usually all about mom! Of course this makes sense, us moms are doing the hard part after all...but still where are the daddy to be gifts!? For today's Preparing for Baby giveaway, in honor of Father's Day, I am excited to share a fun company that is all about Dad- Daddy Scrubs!

Here's a little bit of info about Daddy Scrubs:

DaddyScrubs® is the offspring of Robert Nickell, who fathered his first four children more than 20 years ago. DaddyScrubs® was conceived when Robert, who remarried in 2007, discovered he was about to be a father all over again in the fall of 2009!Not wanting to endure the pains of wearing uncomfortable street clothes while comforting his laboring wife, Robert hatched the idea of creating doctor-like scrubs for himself. It seemed a natural thing for him to do — since Robert is a pharmacist by profession.To eliminate the confusion between “who’s the doctor” and “who’s the daddy,” Robert fashioned the concept of “I’m The Daddy®” medical scrubs.

When I first saw the Daddy Scrubs, I thought they were absolutely wonderful!! I love fun products like this! So I was super excited when they offered to send me a set of their Classic Simple Navy Scrubs to review! But I was a little unsure about how my husband would like them. He's a motorcycle riding, leather jacket and band t-shirt wearing kinda guy...I wasn't sure he'd really think these scrubs were his style. Boy was I wrong! He was super excited when I told him they were on the way. He loved the idea of having something to wear at the hospital proclaiming he was the daddy and not to be messed with. He looked forward to wearing that 'I'm the Daddy' label, as most people carry the 'I'm the man'...such a goofball, that husband of mine!!

Once they arrived, he was even more excited and couldn't wait to try them on. He found that they were so comfortable, he wore them the rest of the evening and has continued to wear them around the house after work as lounge/sleepwear. I am going to have to hide them when I pack the hospital bag to make sure they actually make it there! Still, I love that these are not just a one time wear item...dads can wear them long after (or in our case even before) baby's birth. I'm the type of person who has a difficult time justifying a one time use purchase, so this is a huge plus for me! Of course, if you plan on having more children, they could still be used for that purpose as well. The quality is wonderful, and I have no doubts these will hold up for a long time to come! For my husband it's all about the comfort...after all, if this little one's birth is anything like big brother's we could be in for a long day at the hospital. Daddy should be comfortable too!! But aside from comfort, they also look great!! Truly is there anything more handsome than a man who is proud to be the daddy?

Overall, both my husband and I both love his Daddy Scrubs. They are the perfect expectant daddy gift, and a great way to include daddy when shopping for shower gifts. But, if the scrubs aren't his style, Daddy Scrubs also offers a good variety of other new dad gifts- t-shirts, hoodies, hats, ties and more! You are sure to find something perfect for the dad to be or new dad in your life. You can check out Daddy Scrubs at the links below:

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Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product in exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I like the daddy swag set, I would give it to my brother in law, who is going to be a first time daddy soon

  2. I like the green scrubs! for my husband!

  3. I love the bag of books centered around dads

  4. My favorite are the scrubs! I have been wanting a pair for my husband since my first C-section. We will be getting another C-section for baby number two and this would be awesome to give to my husband.

  5. DaddyScrubs Classic - Edgy Navy would be my choice for my son in law. He's a big Penn State fan so this color blue would be great! I love these scrubs for Daddys.


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