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Maternity Fashion with Seraphine Maternity {Review}

In the coming months as we prepare the arrival of our baby girl, I will be sharing some wonderful pregnancy/baby products with you! Baby gear, baby clothes, pregnancy must haves and of course, maternity clothes! To easily find all of these reviews and/or giveaway, simply click the 'preparing for baby' button on my sidebar!! 
Today, as part of my Preparing For Baby event, I am excited to share with you a super stylish maternity company, Seraphine Maternity! For this review, Seraphine Maternity was kind enough to send me the Blue Printed Maxi Dress, which retails for $79. If you follow celebrity news and pregnancies, this dress may look a bit familiar. It was worn by Alyson Hannigan during her pregnancy (and the similar brown version was worn by Jessica Alba).

I'll start off by saying how absolutely gorgeous this is in person...it was cute on their website, but truly even better up close and personal. I will say I was a little bit worried before receiving it though...as I always am when shopping for clothes online. First of all, I was worried about sizing- I am a size 0 pre-pregnancy and worried that their smallest option (a size 4) would be much too large- even though I took measurements and it seemed as though it would work out fine. After trying it on, I was happy to see that there was no issue at all...it fits just fine and of course has plenty of room to grow!! My second concern was on how modest it would be...the neckline seemed as though it had the potential to be a bit more revealing than I am comfortable with. Again, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it offered plenty of coverage. I originally wore a bandeau top underneath for added modest, but really it wasn't necessary.  (Of course, if you're more blessed in that area than myself, you might have a little more cleavage anyway, but I suppose that's probably true for ANY company!) The quality of the dress was wonderful- it's lightweight and breathable...perfect for this summer. And so super comfortable! I've said before that when it comes to maternity clothes comfort is key, and this dress fits that standard perfectly!!

The trouble with shopping for maternity clothes is that they are worn for such a brief period of time...just a couple months really. If you're anything like me, it can be hard to shell out a ton of money for an all new wardrobe for your pregnancy! This is one thing I loved most about this dress...and most others from Seraphine Maternity as well. Not only are they designed to fit and flatter during pregnancy- they're also designed to be worn AFTER as well- keeping breastfeeding ease in mind! This particular dress features a crossover neckline that makes it very convenient for nursing moms (plus the maxi dress style will flatter that post baby body still as well). They also offer a variety of tops that feature a 'popper detail' that not only look really cute, but unsnap easily to allow mom to nurse! For me, that makes it a lot easier to justify spending more on these items- knowing they are not to be worn JUST during pregnancy!

Overall, I was really impressed with my Seraphine Maternity dress, and would definitely recommend to other expecting moms- particularly those who also intend to nurse and want to do so easily without once again replacing your entire wardrobe!! They are fashionable, high quality and most importantly for me- will carry you through pregnancy AND beyond!!

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Disclosure: I received the product above in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. I received no monetary compensation for this post.


  1. That dress looks lovely on you! Blue is definitely one of your colors.

  2. That dress is beautiful on you... love the cut... and print

  3. I LOVE the dress!! I could so get it even though I am not pregnant!! Looking good, momma!

  4. I LOVE Seraphine, it's probably one of my favorite stores.


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