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25 Weeks.

Dress from Pink Blush Maternity (stay tuned for review & giveaway)
I'm going to try a survey type layout for this week's update- see if that helps me organize my thoughts better, I always seem to forget some little update!!

How far along?
 25 Weeks

Baby's size: Cauliflower (1.5-2.5 pounds)

Maternity clothes: I've found a few pairs of pre-pregnancy shorts that still fit (for a bit longer anyway), but my jeans are a no go. Still having issues with maternity jeans being too large though. Tops and dresses are a mix of both maternity and non maternity...definitely wearing my maxi dresses a lot these days!!

Best moment this week: Finding lots of great yard sale finds over the weekend for baby (and big brother too!). Ordering matching big brother/little sister shirts for Shaun and Finley. Winning a blog giveaway for a bassinet (perhaps that was last week...either way, I'm super thrilled...one of our big items checked off!). Finally deciding on a nursery theme- or rather letting big brother make the final decision (but more on that decision later!).

Miss anything?  Not having constant back pain...and hip pain...and well, just pain in general. Being able to do more (shop, clean house...basically get things done without being worn out). Picking up little man. But really I am very grateful to be so blessed and I know all this will be worth it in the end!

Movement: Lots! She is constantly going, I've even been able to capture her kicks and flips on video!!

Food cravings: Still the same ones for the most part- fried pickles. Slightly frozen/slushy water. Rally's ice cream cones (seriously...I could eat these every day...thankfully it's a bit further to our closest one than I'd prefer to drive every day...or maybe that's a bad thing...I haven't yet decided!)

Food aversions: Drinks- I still cannot drink anything but water or Starbucks (decaf) frappucinos. I've managed to drink orange juice a couple times, in small amounts, but that's it. No real food aversions though. 

Gender: GIRL

Labor signs: Still having some contractions on occasion, as I have the last several weeks, but nothing too regular or too concerning at this point...still following doctor's orders to get as much rest as possible and loading up on water!! 

Sleep: Eh...about as good as normal anyway. Definitely tired OFTEN!! Starting to have more trouble getting comfortable as well...but that could also be in part because of the 5 year old that always ends up in our bed!

Symptoms: I think I pretty well covered most of them- back/hip/leg pains. Sore and slightly swollen feet (and hands too). Having to pee ALL the time (but then that could be all that water I'm drinking as well!). Just general exhaustion.

Belly button in or out? Not quite out, but not quite in either...it seems to change from day to day as well depending on how she's positioned I think!

Looking forward to? Getting the nursery done. Finishing up the shopping. The baby shower. Our next ultrasound.


  1. Congratulations! How exciting for you. I am expecting my fourth child (and first girl) any day now...literally...I'm going on 5 days late! Good luck to you in the coming weeks!


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