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Life Via Instagram {1/4}

Based on the pictures from this week, it appears we did a LOT of shopping this week! We all had some Christmas money to spend, and took advantage of some post holiday deals! I love getting a good bargain, and this past week was FULL of them!!

Shaun's new Darth Vader slippers. Found these at Kmart on clearance for $5. Mommy had a gift card, and let him use a bit to get them...so really, we paid nothing! And he loves them!

Last weekend, we checked out one of the local malls and found the toy store there had EVERYTHING in the store marked 50% off! Shaun used his Christmas money (and a little extra from mommy and daddy) to buy lots of Lego Star Wars goodies! He paid just $40 for all of this...which is the retail value of just one set!! He's a bargain shopper like his mommy!!

Another awesome Shaun Star Wars deal find...he found himself a new hot cocoa mug at Toys R Us for just $2.50!! He loves his cocoa so mommy was happy to find him an awesome mug just for him! I didn't take a picture of it, but he also found a leg lamp nightlight for just $3 as well. A Christmas Story is another favorite of his so he had to have that too. It's now in the nursery for his baby! Silly kid!

I mentioned Shoplately in last week's frugal fashion post. It's an awesome website, much like Totsy, etc where they post awesome daily deals and offer some great referral benefits. Using those awesome credits, I was able to buy two wonderful mystery boxes last week for a total of $2.99!! They came this week and I was thrilled with what I received- 2 purses, a necklace, earrings and a ring! Not bad for that kind of price, right? And it was fun to get some surprises in the mail also!!

These are the earrings that I received. Shaun thinks they look like Darth Vader earrings and wants me to wear them at all times! What a funny, clever little man I have!!

This gorgeous necklace is from a separate Shoplately purchase. This and the watch below also only cost me shipping- $2.99 total! I'm seriously in love with this site!

And the gorgeous watch. It looks huge here, doesn't it? It's really not as large as it looks, I just have child-like wrists (and often have a hard time finding watches and bracelets that fit well). It's cute though, and I love it!!  Though I'll be honest, I still find myself reaching for my iPhone to check the time!

After our Christmas money shopping this weekend, we came home to find that baby had gotten some wonderful goodies in the mail as well. Both of these were lucky wins from a few blog giveaways! How great is that!?

This was my Christmas money purchase...for all of this (7 body washes, 2 lotions, 4 hand soaps, 3 full size sprays, 2 mini sprays and 1 triple moisture body cream), I paid just around $40, a savings of about $150!!! I was rather happy with my purchase and should be stocked up for a long while!
Unfortunately, over the last few days, morning sickness has fully kicked in and the smell of the majority of this (as well as most of my huge collection of Scentsy) makes me horribly nauseous!! Oh the joys of pregnancy...I'm hoping this phase passes quickly, but in the meantime, I still have several unscented (or less scented) soaps and lotions to keep me happy until it does!


  1. Great finds! I came home with a huge bag from Bath and Body as well...and then hoped online and got some more! Love that you're raising a little frugal shopper :-)

  2. wow!!! i did last huge shopping on Black Friday .. :)


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