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Shindigz Party Supplies

Last month, I was contacted by a wonderful party supply company called Shindigz letting me know of their awesome new military discount offer. As a military wife, I always love finding companies that are military friendly, and Shindigz most certainly is that! All military personnel and family members get 20% off! How awesome is that!? Plus, they have a wonderful collection of Welcome Home party supplies that are just perfect for military homecomings! From personalized banners to patriotic decor...they have everything you need to make that homecoming even more special!

But this isn't just a site for the military! Shindigz offers a variety of party supplies and decorations. From birthday parties, to school dances, to weddings- they've got you covered! At the time I was contacted, my sisters and I were in the midst of planning a 25th Anniversary Party for our parents. What great timing! The company generously offered me a gift card to buy some supplies for that party in exchange for this review, and I got lots of great goodies-tablecloths, balloons, confetti, plates, napkins, beads and even a personalized banner!

Unfortunately, due to hubby's schedule (always working) and my son getting a stomach bug right before, we were unable to make the three hour drive to be there for the actual party! How disappointing! But my mom and sisters generously took several photos of the decor for me, and saved them afterwards so I could see them firsthand for this review as well. As you can see, in our family, we keep celebrations fairly simple, but for such a special occasion, it was nice to have a little something extra!

If you've ever shopped for a party, you know that decorations can be ridiculously expensive. One of the first things I noticed was that Shindigz's prices were very reasonable. Of course, it helped that the 25th Anniversary Napkins and Plates were on sale anyway, BUT regardless, the prices seemed great anyway! And they shipped out very quickly! We were a bit concerned on the timing- especially with ordering the personalized banner- as the party was just about 2 weeks away when I was contacted, but it came in PLENTY of time. (I'm sure it didn't hurt that the company is located in Indiana anyway). And the quality was wonderful! The plates and napkins were thick and just gorgeous. The banner was perfection. I'd had everything shipped to my mom's house, just in case (thankfully), and her mailman left the box with the banner halfway out of the mailbox...in the rain, but with it's thick vinyl material, it had no damage whatsoever! I was thoroughly impressed with the high quality! With the prices and that type of quality, I can definitely see myself ordering party supplies from them in the future!

And as I said, it's not just your typical party supplies either. They also have some wedding decor and even backdrops and decor for school dances. I actually found out later that this is the same company my old school used for our high school dances, which were always done so nicely as well!

Disclaimer: I received a gift certificate to purchase the above pictured products in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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