Friday, December 28, 2012

Life Via Instagram {12/28}

I hope everyone had a great Christmas...ours was great! We weren't sure we were going to be able to actually go home for the holidays this year...Matt almost had to work! But thankfully he ended up with the days off and we were able to make it! It was still an odd Christmas though...our first living in Indiana...meaning no cross country road trip from California!! And unfortunately, the first year on both sides of the family that not EVERYONE was able to make it. But a great Christmas overall. Of course, I didn't get many pictures to show that...ooops!

The snow we got last week melted off pretty quickly, so we didn't have a white Christmas...but the day after Christmas? Well, that's a different story! We had so much snow we were under a blizzard warning!! Crazy! I'm not sure the official total, but I'd say there's at least a foot out there!
Thankfully, we made it back home before any of this started, but Matt did still have to be at work at 5 that morning...before he left there was nothing on the ground, but just a few hours later...well, you see! He made it home safely, but did get stuck a few times! I believe the roads are mostly clear now...I hope. I'm ready for post Christmas deals!!

A cute little project for the nursery...No, we have no idea if we'll be having a boy or girl yet...or how we will decorate the nursery, but I'll decorate around them if I have to...aren't they cute!?

Sometime last month, I found these picture frame sets at Target for $8...I bought 2! And I finally got around to putting them up! I still need a few more photos for the 5 x 7 frames, but we needed a little something on this wall, and I think it turned out quite nicely!

And one of my wonderful Christmas gifts...this red table for my kitchen. (From Target.)
Have I complained much about the lack of storage in my kitchen? Well, this adds a little extra anyway- with my basket of snacks. I think I might put a few of my vintage Pyrex bowls on here as well, which will free up more cabinet space AND let me show off at least a bit of my collection anyway!!
Aside from this table, I also got a little mini vacuum from my older sister (which I helped pick out...and am in LOVE with), a cardigan from my little sister, some flameless candles, towels, and cash...which I hope to spend a bit of at the Bath and Body Works sale soon!!

I just realized this will be my FINAL instagram post of 2012! Wherever did the year go!?


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