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Life Via Instagram {12/21}

Did I miss the end of the world? That was today, right?

Silly Mayans.

Well, since we're all still here, how about a recap of what was NOT our last week on Earth!?

That excited little blur of a Shaun can only mean one thing...that's right:

If you've followed long, you probably know of Shaun's love of snow. He used to stare out the window in California with tears because he wanted it to snow at his house. We've had a light snow, that didn't stick once since we've moved, so this was the first REAL snow. He was ecstatic!!!

Did you miss our little announcement yesterday? If you did, you should go take a look...it's super cute! But as you can see we are expecting another baby! This is the first photo of our newest addition. Okay, nothing really to see yet, but better than nothing!

And the beginning of the nursery! One of the Navy recruiters had all this barely used nursery furniture in his storage unit that he needed to get rid of, so he sold it to us cheap...$200 for EVERYTHING! That's the crib, changing table (and pad), glider and ottoman and night stand. What an awesome deal, right? We've already got a great head start on baby things- a few clothes (including a super cute Christmas sleeper!), boppy, sling, nursing cover, carseat canopy...at this rate we'll have everything bought in PLENTY of time! (Though to be honest, I have no idea how I'm going to choose the decor!)

When we went to Once Upon a Child to try to find Shaun a new Christmas sweater, we also stumbled on this cute little t-shirt from Old Navy. ACDC is daddy's favorite band, so I couldn't resist!!

Our gifts are all ready to be taken home to see family. Unfortunately, we're not 100% certain at this point that we'll actually be able to go home (Matt may have to work, ugh!)...so we'll see what happens!! Either way, we're READY!!

This is what we woke up to this morning. Pretty...even if it is COLD!

We found this cute Christmas Story 'Oh Fudge' stress bar at Target a few weeks back. So, when Daddy used a bad word, Shaun had to teach him a lesson! :)

Anyone watch the Jeff Probst Show? If so, you probably saw this story. I know I've mentioned the church camp I went to as a teenager many times. Jen was actually my roommate my first year there (and actually the first person I met there, period!), and such an inspiration to all! It was great to see her story, it really is quite amazing!!

This is Shaun's drawing of the PBS logo. I've never seen a child so into logos! 

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  1. I'm stopping by today for the first time via Life Rearranged. First of all congrats on your newest news! How very exciting? 2ndly, how old is Shaun? I ask because my 3.5 year old son has just become a brand king himself. !

  2. Congrats on the baby news... and the baby furniture! What a score!!! Isn't it super cool to see someone you know on TV? How fun. Merry Christmas!

  3. Stopping by from Life Rearranged. Congratulations on the new addition! How exciting to be expecting a new baby! What a great deal on the nursery furniture. That's incredible! The outside snow scene is gorgeous. I don't watch the tv show you mentioned but that's neat that you saw your church camp roommate on tv.


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