Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Randoms

I feel like I've gotten a little behind, so I thought I'd do a quick, random post to catch up.

  • If you read my last post, you know why I've been a little least, one of the reasons anyway. Each day is getting better though. The good news is, my doctors appointment went well. My doctor does not think we will have any more issues in the future, and has given us the go ahead to try for another baby whenever we are ready. We hope to share that exciting news soon enough!
  • Onto happier news, we spent Thanksgiving with our families. It was much needed family time, and I loved that we were able to go. This is the first time we have been home for Thanksgiving in 6 years! One of the downfalls of military life!

  • With my lovely sisters!

    Mom & Dad
    • My older sister and I hit Wal-Mart Thanksgiving night to try and catch a few deals...and it was CRAZY! We waited by the DVDs, in hopes of catching a few soon as they opened it up, there was a mad rush...I was seriously afraid someone would get hurt!! We missed out on the series my sister was really hoping for, but found a few others anyway! I really only had one thing on my list, and was mostly just going for sister bonding time, but thankfully I was able to get it- the $15 Legos!! Shaun's been really into Legos lately and needed some more. I know at this point at least one other person bought him some as well, so he will be one happy boy! I also bought the husband a Nerf gun for his 29th birthday...seriously! And then once I was home, I ordered a Trash Pack toy from Toys R Us. (Unfortunately, Wal-Mart is really the only big store near my mom's.) My sister got some great deals too. I won't share them, but I can't wait until Christmas for mine and Shaun's! My mom, Matt, the kids and I headed back the next morning as well. We found a few more movie deals since the crowd was down. Then we went over to Gamestop to visit one of my best friends, and got the rest of Matt's birthday gift- a Kinect and a few games! Really, he's just a big kid!!
    • And of course there is Cyber Monday! I bought a few things from Dayspring from their awesome sale. And then something from Kmart for my youngest niece. Truly, I am mostly finished with my Christmas shopping now! Now I just need to get them wrapped and hope Shaun doesn't open them all!!
    • Speaking of Christmas...can I just say that whoever came up with the idea that if one light went out, they all went absolutely crazy!? I have yet to figure out which light on our tree is out, and it's quite frustrating!!
    • Shaun's new favorite movie lately has been Home Alone (1&2). I've watched it at least once a day for the past week!! At least it's a good movie...I'm sure he'll soon go back to A Christmas Story and Polar Express too...he likes to alternate them!!
    • There is still a little over a day left to enter the Lilla Rose giveaway, so make sure to check that out. Over the next few days, I'll be playing catch up and posting reviews/giveaways for Dayspring and Discovery Toys, so be sure to check back for those!!

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