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Changes For Our Little Family

A few days ago I'd mentioned I'd not been feeling well...in fact I've not been feeling well for a couple weeks now...and here's why:

That's right, we are excited to share that we will be welcoming baby #2 into our family. I have my first doctor's appointment next month, and will find out more then, but we believe baby Finley (boy or girl!) will be making his/her arrival around July 25th. When I have more energy, I will share more about the decision to start trying, as well as finding out, etc, but for now I will leave you with this little survey, which I will try to do at least every other week or so!!

How Far Along?
We believe almost 4 weeks!!

Total Weight Gain/Loss?
No idea, nor will I find out. I did the same with Shaun. So long as I am gaining enough and not gaining too much, I am more comfortable not knowing the exact numbers. (Though I will say a few of my size 0 skinny jeans are already feeling just a smidge tighter...but that may be my imagination;))

Size of Baby? 
According to my phone app...a poppyseed! Wow, that's tiny!

Maternity Clothes?
Obviously not yet!

I can't seem to get enough!! I'm always tired...I do not remember being so tired this early with Shaun!

Nothing really yet.

Again, nothing yet. The only things I've really noticed are that the smell of alcohol and jerky make me horribly sick, but those have always bothered me anyway, it's just more extreme. (Plus I'm a vegetarian who doesn't drink, so those really aren't something I'd want anyway!)

Not yet.

Obviously too early to know. I will say I have already been feeling girl. With Shaun, I felt from the beginning that he was a boy as well (never even picked a girl name). Though to be honest, I'm not sure if my girl feeling is really maternal instinct or the fact that everyone else has been saying girl!! We will see!!

What I Am Looking Forward To?
First Doctor's Appointment. Finding out gender (seriously, I'm not patient!). Baby shopping, and sharing that experience with friends a family, something I wasn't able to do with Shaun since we lived so far away!

Nausea- from anywhere from noon to 2 pm until morning, I feel just miserable. Thankfully I've not actually been sick yet, so I can at least be thankful for that (I was the same with Shaun, though I don't remembering it being this bad or this early either!).
Extreme exhaustion- I'm seriously tired ALL the time!
Heightened Sense of Smell- I seriously can smell EVERYTHING it seems. I first noticed this at the Colts game we went to a few weeks back, and was my first suspicion! Thankfully most smells aren't making me sick, just those that already did pre-pregnancy. But I will say the smell of alcohol at the Marine Corps Ball was HORRIBLE!
Hands Swelling- Just slightly, but I'm still not a fan.
More trips to the bathroom- Seriously, I didn't have to pee this much with Shaun until the very end it seems!
I think that about covers it right now, or at least the major ones anyway!!


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